MSNBC Anchor Touts His Gay Marriage, Insists High Court Should Support Him 9 to 0

March 30th, 2013 9:16 AM

MSNBC not only grants its openly gay anchor Thomas Roberts a platform where he can advocate for his pet LGBT causes every weekday morning. Roberts appeared as a guest on The Cycle on Wednesday afternoon from the Supreme Court steps to offer his personal feelings about the Supreme Court cases being argued.  Roberts drew supportive laughter about gay marriage when he said "I highly recommend it," but he wanted the Court to rule 9-0 in favor of the gay Left, as it did in the Sixties on interracial marriage.

Toure wanted Roberts to explain why "marriage" was a magic word that insures social approval of homosexuality: (Video below)

TOURE: Thomas, we both know indeed marriage is a magic word. It changes how society sees you, apart from our relationship to the government. Can talk about what marriage means to you that civil union, if you had been restricted to that, what that would not confer you as opposed to what marriage gives you and your husband?"

ROBERTS: I appreciate the opportunity to speak personally. I’ll take off the professional hat for a second. But I don't think that we would have gone for a civil union...Getting married in the fall was something very personal, and very incredible that we got to experience with our families there supporting us, our loved ones. So I highly recommend it.[Laughter]...I do. It's only made our lives better...

It’s about time for people to not be separate, but equal, you know? The otherness, it's time for that to go away, and we look back at historic cases like Loving vs. Virginia of 1967, and it was a  unanimous decision then. And the Supreme Court might have had a lofty goal of wanting to see America as colorblind...

Having Loving v. Virginia and allowing for interracial marriage, that certainly hasn’t done away with racism in our country, and if the Supreme Court, you know,  gets rid of DOMA and goes ahead and strikes, you know,  Prop 8 out of the way, is that going to get rid of homophobia in this country? No. But it does make the government stand up to appreciate the fact that the LGBT community exists in this country. We're good taxpaying Americans. We’re simple. We have boring marriages just like heterosexual people. [Laughter]."