Old Bill Press Mocks Pope for Joining Twitter, While His Fans Accuse Catholics of 'Causing Millions to Die' in Third World

Reuters reports the Pope is entering the world of Twitter at "Pontifex." On Monday morning's Bill Press show, the former seminarian mocked the 85-year-old pontiff: "What do you think the chances are that the Pope has any idea how to access Twitter?" By the way, hip Bill Press is 72.

Press producer Peter Ogburn mocked the plan for the Pope to answer tweeted questions at #askpontifex. He read some favorites, which ranged from Jesus-and-microwaved-burrito questions to the assertion that the Catholic Church is causing "millions to die in the Third World" by opposing condoms: [ relevant video follows the article ]

Ogburn read a @JlangfordJ tweet from Seville, Spain: “Jim Langford took a serious approach. He says, ‘Ask him when the Church is going to change their prohibition on condoms, which is causing millions to die in the Third World.’"

Does anyone ever ask accusers like this if the entire Third World is some sort of totalitarian empire run out of Vatican City? 

Ogburn added: “And my favorite response. Lobster Style asks this directly to the Pope: ‘Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?’" Ogburn hoped the Holy Father would respond.

PS: Twitchy is capturing the early Twitter hate, including Roseanne Barr asserting "The pope is just another man in a dress telling women what to do."

PPS: In a goading response, Ogburn tweeted to me: "Jesus probably smoked weed and hung out with prostitutes. OF COURSE he'd eat a microwave burrito."

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