On The View, Barbara Walters Disses Hasselbeck As All Alone In Backing Romney's 47 Percent Talk

On Tuesday's edition of The View, they chatted about Mitt Romney's secret tape. Elisabeth Hasselbeck came to Romney's defense on the 47 percent who don't pay income taxes. "I think there's a general feeling that, with more and more people becoming dependent on the government, that by next July we could perhaps be celebrating Dependence Day, not Independence Day," she said.

"Oh, Elisabeth," Walters scoffed off-camera, like an embarassed mother. "This is not something that I'm just feeling alone," Hasselbeck continued. "Yes it is," Walters said, to laughter from the audience. “That doesn’t make it so.”

"You can patronize me for what I'm thinking and you can put me in a corner but I'm not alone," Elisabeth fired back. "Elisabeth, don't take this personally," Walters said. “I’m not patronizing you.”  She was certainly dismissing her conservative viewpoint.

Hasselback added, "All I'm saying is I do believe there are two schools of thought. One is that it's a good thing to have more and more government, people depend ont government and the other is that we want to create people who are independent and free. Because are you free if you're dependent on your government? You're not really free."

Joy Behar popped off: "It might have been delivered first by Marie Antoinette....I mean, there is an overall feeling that's projected." Whoopi Goldberg said "it was dopey" for Romney to say he'll never get support from voters that he could have won over.

Behar also talked about getting unemployment compensation. "When I was fired from Good Morning America, I had had a near death experience which put me out of commission. I was fired from GMA and I got divorced. I was a single mother without any money. If it wasn't for unemployment insurance, I don't know what I would have done. He [Romney] considers me a victim."

In interviews, Behar has been much more upbeat about leaving GMA, where she has said she was first from her receptionist job for telling off callers.

Joy Behar: I set out to become a comedian after I was fired from a job at Good Morning America.

PR.com: What were you doing there?

Joy Behar: I was a receptionist.

PR.com: Why'd you get canned?

Joy Behar: Cause I was a bad receptionist. I was a very, very bad receptionist.

PR.com: Were you bored?

Joy Behar: Bored and a little bitter, because there I was a Master's Degree, answering people's phones. After I got fired, I threw myself into my career, and it started to work immediately. Six months after I was fired [from Good Morning America], I was a guest on Good Morning America.

PR.com: Get out! As a comedian?

Joy Behar: I had won a comedy award, and they had me on as a guest.

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