Jimmy Fallon Endorses Obama During James Taylor Impersonation on NBC

NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon somehow doesn't think it's enough to "slow jam the news" with President Obama, or exercise with the First Lady in the East Room of the White House. As the Democratic convention closed, he performed a James Taylor impression, singing the hit "Fire and Rain" with the joke title "Romney and Bain." The Huffington Post boasted "It's also a pretty explicit endorsement of the Obama campaign, with the lyric, '"So I'll prob'ly vote Obama again,' right there in the refrain."

Not only that, but Fallon sings in 2016, he'll vote for "the Dream Team, Michelle and Hillary." (Video below)


It didn't really have any rough Romney verses, just the Bain mention. The chorus went like this:

I’ve seen Romney I’ve seen Bain
I’ve seen Clinton speeches I thought would never end
I’ve seen crazy guys talking to invisible men
So I’ll probably vote Obama again   

The audience cheered all three times Fallon sang this, and when he added this verse:

But Barack ain’t got such an easy time
With Biden on his team
Please Joe, keep your piehole closed
Don’t you know you’re killing me?
We’ve seen both guys and we’ve seen both kinds
But in 2016
I’m voting for the Dream Team – Michelle and Hillary

One YouTube commenter protested "he's playing a character. Plus, he's at the DNC, so said character (James Taylor) would of course choose Obama." But the I'm voting for Michelle and Hillary drives home the point that this was another contribution from the, ahem, "Comcast Super PAC" that airs freebies on NBC.

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