Who Cares About Corrupt Washington Mayor Vincent Gray?

While The Washington Post recently took a poll demonstrating 54 percent of D.C. voters would like ethically challenged Mayor Vincent Gray (D) to resign after three of his campaign officials pled guilty to corruption charges. None of the networks have covered Gray's ethical problems, although the early-morning CBS Morning News did briefly cover Gray's arrest  protesting Congressional restrictions on D.C. finances on April 12, 2011.

But one constituency doesn't care about Gray's ethics: the gay news magazine Metro Weekly.  In an interview with Mayor Gray, the magazine's managing editor Will O'Bryan asked Gray about how he he is frightened by conservative members of Congress "interfering" with city operations and the libertine-left agenda, especially Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah:

METRO WEEKLY: As a resident, one thing that frightens me about services in the District is congressional interference. The Washington Post – shortly after former Council Chairman Kwame Brown (D) resigned, I believe – quoted Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a member of the House committee with D.C. oversight, saying, ''City leaders keep arguing for more autonomy, but it's hard to get there when so many keep getting indicted.''

VINCENT GRAY: That's ridiculous. It's a nonsensical non sequitur.

MW: He's sort of the antithesis of everything D.C. residents vote for. So, when Chaffetz says something like that, I think of Congress blocking needle exchange, blocking for years my own domestic partnership. How do you respond to a statement like that?

GRAY: I just did. It's a nonsensical non sequitur. And it's ridiculous. First of all, if you look at the Congress itself, how many members have left the Congress [due to corruption]? They didn't suggest the Congress should lose some of its autonomy.

Later, Gray took after Chaffetz again, claiming "The city is the fastest growing state in the nation."

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