NPR Interviews Only Andrew Sullivan: Obama's 'Marriage' Move Is 'Conservative' and He 'Let Go Of The Fear'

National Public Radio did a classic pirouette of one-sidedness on All Things Considered Wednesday night. For comment on Obama' s "evolution" on gay marriage, NPR invited only a "leading advocate of same-sex marriage," gay activist-pundit Andrew Sullivan, now writing for Newsweek/The Daily Beast. There is no time for the social conservatives, just the gays.

Sullivan oozed about Obama: "I think he let go of fear today, the fear that somehow by embracing this natural, obvious and I would say conservative development he was sometimes -- somehow embracing political calamity. He wasn't, he isn't, he won't." NPR anchor Audie Cornish asked him if this was about fundraising, but he just praised Obama's (and America's) evolution:


CORNISH: It's also been noted that a lot of the big-money donors in the Democratic Party are gay and lesbian. And you've suggested that maybe this all just has to do with money. And do you still feel that way?

SULLIVAN: I told you how I feel. Analytically, I do think, look, we're talking about politics here. And I do think that with Wall Street being less generous than they were in 2008, gay donors and gay support is actually critical to fundraising. And I think many leading gay activists just told the White House quite clearly that if you were not do to this, then their support would not be forthcoming, especially after he declined to enforce an executive order banning discrimination against homosexuals in federal contracting.

So --  but I didn't see that today. I mean, I'll see the whole thing tonight. I didn't see it today. I saw today the man I watched for five years now. And that is whom I heard in, as long ago as 2007, tell the mother of a gay son, I want your son to be equal and to have every right that a heterosexual has. I think getting past the M-word for him was a struggle. I don't he's alone in this. And I don't think it's crazy for people to feel this way. But I think he's evolved as Americans have evolved, suddenly rather quickly. And I think this is how it happens, suddenly rather quickly. What seemed unthinkable becomes obviously right.

Remember this the next time NPR asks for your donation. Oh wait! They don't have to ask for your donation. They take it out of your paycheck.

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