Liberal Radio Hosts Decry Jan Brewer's 'Blatant Racism' Toward Obama, Imagine Violence Against Her

With a little more outrage than the liberal news media, the liberal talk-radio hosts lunged at Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for merely being pictured accusingly pointing a finger at President Obama. The same people who hated reading too much into a picture of Obama not having his hand over his heart know everything about this scenario.

Al Sharpton declared “This is only one case in point of a lot of disrespectful ugly behavior, some of it motivated by just blatant racism in regard to this President and those that support him.” Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer found Stephanie Miller accusing Brewer of “playing the fragile white woman scared of black man card" and cited the movie “The Help.” She also imagined how LBJ would have violently shoved Brewer’s finger where the sun doesn’t shine: (Audio below)


STEPHANIE MILLER: You know it is Exhibit, you know, 6,002 of the unbelievable disrespect for this President. You know it’s like she [Gov. Brewer] almost was posing for that picture on the tarmac of her with her finger up in the President’s face you know it’s like Lyndon Johnson would have broken that off and shoved it up your bleep.

Maloney wrote that Brewer explained what happened, "But who needs facts when emotional calls for violence and childish race-baiting tactics are so much more effective?"

In the Bush years, Miller could have titled her own show "Unbelievable Disrespect for This President." Now liberals who prize their right to express disrespect  insist everyone must bow, scrape and hail the chief. In the next hour came the movie analogy, even if I expected "Driving Miss Daisy" as Miller's movie of choice:

MILLER: What did someone on my Facebook page say? She’s playing the fragile white woman scared of black man card? Yeah.

CHRIS LAVOIE, sidekick: Yeah.

MILLER: Six minutes after the hour yeah the white woman must be right.

JIM WARD, sidekick: [using southern accent] He [Obama] took the note and threw it in the car.

LAVOIE: She [Brewer] doesn’t like it when "the help" talks to her that way.

MILLER: No! I just got a DVD copy of The Help, I’ll watch it again in honor of Jan Brewer again this weekend.

On his radio show Thursday, Rev. Al Sharpton declared that "Given her references to the President, given her fighting the Justice Department on the immigration laws -- which are racial profiling -- I think she wanted a confrontation. She went out there to give him a letter and she wanted a confrontation. But this is only one case in point of a lot of disrespectful ugly behavior some of it motivated by just blatant racism in regard to this President and those that support him."

Earlier, Sharpton's buddy (and co-author Karen Hunter) asked where are the Democrats in defending Obama?

KAREN HUNTER:  Okay we don’t expect Republicans to come out and say this is wrong, even though I think fundamentally it (Gov. Brewer finger waving) undermines our nation so if you care about this country anything that disrespects the office of the Presidency disrespects out country. But where are the Democrats?! Where are the Democratic people who are supposedly supportive of this President to say this is wrong? And they don’t even have to call it racism, even though you and I will cause it is what it is. But, where are they?

SHARPTON: Well and see, let me tell you this several things come to mind. I think that you are absolutely correct. Where are the Democrats? I think that the tweeter or the I guess the one tweeting would be the twitter is right when he also says where is the Congressional Black Caucus since some of them were so vocal on the President? And a lot of people that I get personal with is people that didn’t understand why I was out in Arizona fighting this same Governor.

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