NBC 'Playboy Club' Star Lashes Out at Mormons, Catholics on Twitter

NBC’s series The Playboy Club remains in search of an audience, so some stars are lashing out on Twitter at the Parents Television Council, who’s calling for the show to be cancelled, since it promotes one of the world’s leading pornography brands.

David Krumholtz – who many might remember from CBS’s “Numb3rs”– attacked the PTC on Twitter for “randomly” choosing the Playboy show, but eventually turned to attacking Mormons and Catholics for having “a long history of degrading women.” When someone asked how Catholics currently degrade women, he snapped back “My bad. I should have said little children instead of women.”

Krumholtz began by complaining to the Twitter account @thePTC that they should be attacking a different show on NBC (not exactly a player on Team Peacock, is he?):

It is quite an indictment of your organization that you are so rabidly attempting to have The Playboy Club cancelled, while many...
other shows on primetime network TV are much more violent and degrading to women. Case in point, last week's premiere of "Prime...
Suspect" on NBC featured the lead actress Maria Bello being brutally beaten by a man, to the point where her face was totally...
bloodied and cut open, receiving several vicious punches to the head, and you have not said a SINGLE WORD about it. I guess...
your organization picks and chooses what to protest based on pressure from lobbying groups that fund your efforts. Hypocrites.

When my friend Dan Isett, who represents the PTC in Washington, replied by tweeting that “not everything we talk about makes” The Hollywood Reporter, Krumholtz tweeted back: "But you need to start doing a better job at being a " watch dog group" if you want hollywood to take you seriously. not to mention mormon and catholic based family programming. 2 faiths that have a long history of degrading women."

When Isett re-tweeted that with a "What?" Krumholtz added: “denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Organization would be better served to clean up the reputation of these faiths.” Then @jaycaruso responded with the question “Sorry but how is the Catholic faith currently degrading women?,” Krumholtz wrote “my bad. I should have said little children instead of women.”

For a guy who played a math whiz on TV, all Krumholtz could conclude with was “Point being that in a realm of rabidly biased subjective discussion, anything and everything can be criticized...and demonized. Opinions are like a--holes, Everyone's got 'em.”

Update: After this blog was posted, Krumholtz returned to form, asking if "the veritable epidemic of sexual abuse of children by catholic priests is also excusable??" Epidemic?

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