Rosie O'Donnell's Staffer: Ground Zero Mosque Opponents Like Nazis

On Wednesday's edition of Rosie Radio on Sirius/XM satellite radio, Rosie O'Donnell's staffers sounded more radical than Rosie on the topic of the Ground Zero mosque proposal:

"GOOGLE PETE" MELE (staffer): I get very angry at [opposition to the mosque]...It is beyond un-American.  

BOBBY PEARCE (staffer): Right. I agree.

MELE: ...This sort of persecution, blindly, of one group is what was going on in Germany in the 1930s...You can't say because [Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks], we can't have them doing anything in our country.

DEIRDRE DOD (staffer): I don't think that's what [opponents of the mosque are] saying...They're saying [that they] want this as a sacred site...They're not saying, 'We hate [Muslims].'

Into this fracas came O'Donnell, with the peace offering that radical Islam and radical Christianity are very similar:

O'DONNELL: It's hard that people are associating [Islam] with terrorism. There are radical extremists in every religion, and it doesn't negate the teachings or the values of the religion, or the vast majority of people who follow the religion. 

That's not to say that O'Donnell doesn't have a major problem with those radical Christians, as her Nazi roundup talk the next day showed. 

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