Ed Schultz Blames Arizona's GOP Senators for 'Republican Mess' on Immigration

MSNBC host Ed Schultz is still in prairie-populist mode on illegal immigration. Unlike many on the left, he says it's a serious problem.

But on Tuesday's edition of The Ed Show, he somehow blamed it on Arizona's Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl:McCain and Kyl have left the border wide open. Once again, it's up to the president of the United States, Barack Obama, to clean up another Republican mess.”

He repeatedly complained about the last presidential race: “During the 2008 campaign, McCain the warmonger said that he could take care of Iran. Hell, he can't even take care [of] and protect his own home state!”

Minutes later, he repeated: “I'm just incensed that here's a guy who ran for president in 2008, vilified the Democrats, said we were weak on security. Yet you look in his own back yard of Arizona, and he's been there since 1982 in the Congress, and he has the worst state in the union when it comes to illegal immigration and defending the laws. I'm glad this guy didn't get elected president. He can't even run his own state.”

He boasted that North Dakota would have dumped its Democratic Senators if they were this ineffectual on immigration issues: “Where I come from, I know that if Sens. Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad had millions of illegal Canadians steamin' across the border to North Dakota, well, I think that they'd probably have done something about it, especially if it started back in 1982. I think that McCain and Kyl, they are getting absolutely a free pass when they have caused this country insurmountable problems and damage to our economy.”

Schultz then spread the blame across the entire GOP establishment: “This is another classic example of Republican ineptitude...The conservatives have created this crisis with their absolute lust for cheap labor...Their race-to-the-bottom-line mentality has led us right into another international crisis, but now it's on our own soil.”

Then, in a bizarre twist, Schultz went from “international crisis” talk to gently asking Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who favors a complete amnesty for illegal aliens, about whether people should boycott Arizona (yes) and whether the new law is racial profiling (yes). He concluded the softball interview by saying “Great to have you on the show tonight. I love your passion on this story.” If Schultz really believes this is an “international crisis” that's causing "insurmountable problems and damage to our economy," why didn't he offer one whiff of a challenge to Congressman Gutierrez?

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