Mike Malloy's Brain on Puree: Yells That 'Tea Bagger Freaks' Want to Eat and Breathe Poison

On Friday night, ranting leftist radio host Mike Malloy attacked conservative and libertarian "tea bagger freaks" for opposing Big Government, which he equated with "You want to eat poison! You want to breathe poison!"

Conservative talk-show hosts persuade the limited-government types to "kill your children, make your spouses sick, send Granny and Grandpa into intensive care." He also ranted against Bush: "you people continue to vote for these morons? These people who are just eating you alive?"

This rant started in an odd place: a blog post by Susie Madrak on the leftist Crooks & Liars blog complaining about high mold counts in tomato paste and puree sold to Kraft Foods, and how Team Bush gutted the Food and Drug Administration. Susie Madrak wrote with alarm that "every time we put something into our mouths that wasn't grown and bought locally, we're taking a chance."

Earth to crunchy liberals: You're not "taking a chance" when you buy tomatoes locally, out of the back of a pickup truck? How does the nanny state save you at a farmer's market? The topic of tainted tomato puree set Malloy into a frenzy over how the government-haters just hate health and safety and everything good: 

MALLOY: You Tea Bagger freaks! You...you...you...you libertarian tea bagger freaks! I-I mean, not only do you piss me off because you piss me off; but your ignorance is just so - astonishing! It's the most overworked word in my vocabulary. Astonishing! I don't get you people at all. You don't want any government intervention. You want to eat poison! You want to breathe poison! You don't care!

And pigs like Glenn Beck and, uh, the rest of these right-wing radio and TV talkers convince you over, and over, and over again to kill your children, um, make your spouses sick, uh, send Granny and Grandpa into [the] intensive care unit because you're feeding them toxic garbage. You don't want health insurance. You want to die at 55 instead of 85 because you -- you don't get any kind of tests done on your body. Wen you get an infection, you don't have health insurance to go -- and you -- to go to a doctor; well, there's always emergency rooms, right, isn't that what Bush said?

That was the solution to Bush. "Well, there's always emergency rooms, people always get health care in the United States, and by God, America." And you people continue to vote for these morons? These people who are just eating you alive?

And I'm not just talking about the office holders. You vote for this filth every time you turn on Fox television. You vote for this filth every time you listen to the little parrot-boy, Hannity, or the bunny ranch boy. Or you listen to this porcine freak, Glenn Beck. Or you watch Limbaugh bounce all around his little studio. Or you watch this crazy goddamn O'Reilly, who, who is a serial, um, um, woman-molester. What am I trying to say? Sexual predator.

How do you Christians do it? How do you conservatives do it? How do you Tea Baggers -- are you so ignorant? Yes, of course you are -- that you watch and listen to these people and take their word as the gold standard for you?

Unbelievable! So now it’s your spaghetti, you dumb asses. You can’t even make eat a bowl of pasta now without eating rat poison or mold.

[Playing a dumb conservative] "No you don’t want any goddamn government intervention. Get the government out of business. Let private corporations, America, corporations are just like people now. Jesus Christ, Malloy! What’s your problem?"

It's a little bizarre to claim conservatives don't care about food safety, and are such monsters that they feel fine about making their children or spouses or parents sick with food poisoning. Neither Malloy nor Madrak noted this sentence from the New York Times article Madrak linked to:

Prosecutors said that no one was sickened by the mold-tainted products and that they were not a health risk. 

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