Limbaugh Loners? Politico Says NewsBusters One of 'Very Few' Rush Defenders

January 15th, 2010 8:48 AM

Andy Barr at Politico shamelessly slanted the fuss over Haiti hot talk on Friday, insisting it was only about Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh, and slamming NewsBusters as one of the "very few" sites defending Rush’s Haiti commentary.

The story was featured on the Yahoo! home page on Friday with a picture of Limbaugh and the headline "Limbaugh criticized." Barr insisted:

John Amato from the left-leaning website Crooks and Liars added that "with thousands of people dead already and as the suffering continues in Haiti, Limbaugh and his ilk only care about one thing: destroying Obama."

The conservative media watchdog site Newsbusters stepped up to defend Limbaugh, saying his comments were not put in proper context, but very few others are backing the conservative firebrand’s latest controversial remarks.

Barr must be referring to this Geoff Dickens post noting how Hardball host Chris Matthews slammed Limbaugh as "stirring the pot" on race (and slammed him for sounding like...a "walrus under water," which must be Matthews "stirring the pot" against fat people.)

Does Barr really believe his own portrait, that it's a ghost town with tumbleweeds as far as conservatives supporting Limbaugh? Does Barr believe it's fair to cast only the conservatives as "deeply insensitive" and completely ignore the hot Haiti talk on the left?  

Barr was shameless in using a pile of quotes from the Limbaugh bombing on MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday -- ignoring our report on the glaring hypocrisy of MSNBC trashing the politicizing of Haiti as Keith Olbermann did it.

Since Barr thinks Crooks and Liars should be the prosecutor while NewsBusters is the accused, let's turn that around. Check out this Crooks and Liars post for post-earthquake analysis: the entire Western world is the devil. The headline: 

Let's Talk About Haiti's REAL Deal With The Devil: Exploitation By The Western World.

So why isn't John Amato being trashed in Barr's story for ignoring the thousands of dead all he allegedly cares about is "destroying the Western world"? Susie Madrak claimed:

So, in a way, maybe Robertson is right. Haiti is caught in a deal with the devil, and the devil is us. (Emphasis hers.) 

There you have it, direct from the keyboards of the Obama supporters.

[Hat tip: Laura Lynne]