Gorby Pimps Pricey Luggage on Back of This Week's Time Magazine

Two years ago, Time magazine did a story implying China was selling out on dictator Mao Zedong's communist legacy -- with a picture of Mao covered in Louis Vuitton bag logos. So it's a bit strange to turn around to the back cover of the October 29 edition of Time and see an ad that's -- why, it's former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev selling Louis Vuitton bags. Oh, how the anti-capitalist idealism is dwindling in Time's Man of the Decade!

The ad features a photo of Gorby in a car near the Berlin Wall, fancy bag by his side. The text says:

A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.

Berlin Wall. Returning from a conference.

The bold text is theirs. Underneath comes a note of disclosure: "Mikhail Gorbachev and Louis Vuitton are proud to support Green Cross International."

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