Hugo Chavez Spammers Upset His 'Person of the Year' Poll Win Didn't Matter

Time magazine's website had an online poll recently to help (supposedly) determine who should take home its 'Person of the Year' designation. Radical-lefty Hugo Chavez fans are upset that they loaded up on the online poll for a victory, but the poll was not definitive. The folks at the Hands Off Venezuela blog do have this amusing take:

Interestingly, the present issue of Time carries another article called "Power to the People" (read it here), which starts by saying:

    "Meet 15 citizens-including a French rapper, a relentless reviewer and a real life lonely girl-of the new digital democracy"

In the whole magazine there are many lauding words for this "digital democracy" but ironically Time decided to ignore its own "digital democracy" and hide the fact that 35% voted for Hugo Chavez and 21% for the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is true that an online poll is not a very scientific tool but surely it would have been worth to at least point out who won the Time poll in the first place? If not, what is the point of organising one on your own website?

Well, perhaps to drive traffic to your website here, in the imperalist country where sulfurous President Satan rules. But it's funny how the failure of these honors has the Hugo-heads scorning Time as a quote-unquote "liberal" magazine. Of course, they huffed that this diss happened because Hugo is just too much of an icon of democracy:

Maybe because they did not want the winner to be a popular President of a country where "power to the people" is not just an empty phrase but is being implemented in practice in the real world, and who has been democratically elected time and time again?

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