At NRO, Spruiell Reviews Year In "Media-Manufactured Controversies"

National Review Online Media Blogger Stephen Spruiell has a fun post up about the year 2005 in "media-manufactured controveries." His breakdown:

January: The "lavish inauguration" of Dubya.

February: Bush's war on seasoned citizens (Social Security reform).

March: Terri Schiavo (although I disagree with Stephen about politicians not looking good -- someone needed to step up for the woman before they pulled her feeding tube.)

April: Tom DeLay's trip to Russia.

May: Newsweek howls at Korans supposedly being flushed.

June: The "Downing Street memo." 

July: Patrick Fitzgerald heats up Plamegate.

August: The Monster Month of Sheehan.

September: Hurricane Katrina, and how Bush failed to stop her.

October: "Scooter" Libby indicted.

November: Pentagon pays PR firm for positive coverage in Iraqi newspapers.

December: We listen in on terrorist phone calls.

Give it a look.

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