Lower Ed: MTV Teaches Savage Sex to Adolescents

July 11th, 2012 3:32 PM

He’s a guy that spews hate against Christians, Republicans, and even other gay people who think differently than he. He’s asserted that “monogamy is ridiculous” and “unnatural.” He’s remarked that the vagina is a “hole that sh**ts babies.”

And MTV thinks he’s the ideal person to teach adolescents about sex.

His name is Dan Savage. He’s a sex columnist and gay activist. His MTV show, “Savage U,” serves as a perverted sex ed program for all the sexual practices and fetishes that (hopefully) are not taught in school. Yet somehow the show has been approved for children 14 years old and up, proving it to be just another tool used by the liberal media to force the sexualization of our children.

“Savage U’s” gimmick is going to a different college each episode. At the beginning of every show, Savage walks around campus and asks what the hookup culture is like. At nearly every school, the response is always the same. It’s “a hookup school” where “everybody’s just like having sex.” Got that, 14-year-olds? College is an orgy. If it isn’t there’s something wrong with you.

The overarching moral of the program is “you should do what you want to do and you shouldn’t worry about other people’s judgments.” If it feels good, do it, with the first commandment being: “Thou shall not talk about anything that happens within the first semester of your freshman year.”

This coming from the same guy who has repeatedly stated, “We can learn to ignore the bull sh** in the Bible.” He has used the show to further his anti-Christian agenda, sprinkling in disrespectful comments such as explaining that an erection is “just a little present from Jesus.”

And Savage is no more an actual sex expert than he is a theologian. He’s not a licensed sex therapist – in fact, his only qualification seems to be an obsession with sex in all ways, shapes and forms. Apparently the only requirement the liberal media holds to be considered an authority on sex is perversion.

Savage offers such nuggets of wisdom as “you can’t go from butt to vag.” He advises females having orgasm problems to “Try oral sex. Experiment with vibrators.” He instructs students that a vagina functions to “chew up semen and spit out humans.” He makes sure students know that pregnancy is “the world’s oldest and most disruptive sexually transmitted infection.” It’s a profoundly nihilistic, anti-human way to describe the creation of life, but in grappling with existence of Mr. Dan Savage, it does explain a lot.

Savage has also used the show to push the gay agenda, of course. The show regularly has featured people dealing with LGBT issues, reinforcing in its own little way the myth that gays make up more than a tiny percent of the population. (It’s an effective tactic. About half of all Americans believe nearly 25 percent of the population is gay.) Savage interviewed a lesbian who is now becoming attracted to men, a man who used to date women but now is looking to date men, and a transgendered person in the midst of becoming a woman. He often fields questions from gay or lesbian people during the show’s Q & A session.

Oddly, Savage is an enthusiastic advocate of female masturbation, regularly recommending that young women having sexual problems is to buy a vibrator or dildo. He said that, as a society, “We need to get girls dildos and vibrators the same time boys start masturbating.” He told viewers, “There are lots of girls here, everywhere, who are horny, who are masturbating one, two, three, four times a day and would never in a million years admit it.”

Despite – or perhaps because of – having a mouth and a mind of the type once associated mainly with porn films, Savage has become one of the liberal media’s darlings. He has been welcomed regularly on CNN, “Real Talk with Bill Maher”, and “the Colbert Report,” allowing his perverse messages to further reach the masses.

The liberal media especially took a liking to him when he dropped the “Google bomb” on Rick Santorum, thus causing some internet users to confuse the Republican candidate’s name with a foul term Savage thought up. (He also said he’d like to “f**k the s**t out of” the former senator and conservative presidential candidate, and admitted that he wished Republicans were “all f**king dead.”)

Surely his most recent attack on Republicans will only further solidify his role in the liberal media. On Monday, June 25, he attacked gay Republicans in an article titled “On Booze, Meth, Suicide ... and GOProud” stating, “like gay meth addicts who aren't satisfied harming only themselves, the boys at GOProud aren't satisfied harming only themselves. They want to harm other gay people—they want to harm all gay people—by getting Mitt Romney elected.”

Dan Savage is what his name indicates, barbaric and uncivilized, yet the liberal media accepts and endorses him because he is a cultural progressive. MTV and its ilk would give a Neanderthal a show about table etiquette, provided he hated conservatives enough.