The Media’s Obsession with Recession: Dan Gainor on Fox Biz

November 30th, 2007 4:23 PM

No it's not a new brand of cologne, but it sure sounds like it.

Today, November 30, Dan Gainor, BMI's Director appeared on Fox Business to discuss the media's hype of an oncoming recession. Host David Asman began the segment asking, "Has the media emphasized the good along with the bad?"

Gainor responded, "Of course not, we haven't seen a lot of good news...and in fact if you watch the networks they skipped what even the New York Times put on their front page, that the Fed said a recession isn't likely."

The Business and Media Institute has convered the media obsession with recession in the November 28 edition of the Balance Sheet.

-Stuart James is a Research Analyst at the Business and Media Institute