FLASHBACK: Watch the Moment MSNBC Realized Kavanaugh Would Be Confirmed

October 5th, 2019 12:15 PM

It was just this time about a year ago that liberals in the media started to realize that Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed to the Supreme Court. In fact, on October 5, 2018, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes realized, on-air, that such a thing would happen. 

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi broke into coverage to explain that Democrat Joe Manchin would vote yes: “We have breaking news now. Senator Joe Manchin, who did not want to be the deciding vote on this, has announced he will support.” Hayes sputtered, “He’s a yes?”

The host then bowed his head in amazement. You can watch that moment here: 



Here’s some other examples of MSNBC freaking out over the Kavanaugh confirmation: 

“This is a country that was founded, to be blunt, on the idea that being a free white landed male gave you super citizenship, that you were more a citizen than anyone else. Mitch McConnell has decided that order means that people like Mitch McConnell, men like him rule....He is restoring order as he and people like him understand it. And they will impose it on the people like those people who are protesting. Women who are shrieking out in agony, saying, ‘You cannot impose this on us, you can’t send us back to the ’50s.’ But Mitch McConnell says, ‘Yes I can, I can impose order on you.’”
AM Joy host Joy Reid during MSNBC’s live coverage Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, October 6, 2018. 


“It was asked repeatedly late today [on social media] whether or not it was time for the news media to cease the heart stopping coverage of Susan Collins as some sort of maverick, moderate, independent Senator after the role she played today as the closer, a strict adherent of [Mitch] McConnell rule in Senate. Folks are saying there’s still time to switch the nameplate on the Profile in Courage Award from Flake to Murkowski. There have been suggestions that Flake be nominated instead for best supporting actor. Chuck Schumer will have to answer for why, as Democratic leader, he couldn’t deliver all the Democratic votes. McConnell lost one, too. And speaking of Joe Manchin, a lot of folks were asking if he needs to pick one political party.”
— Host Brian Williams on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, October 5, 2018. 

As we all know, the liberal journalists at The New York Times haven’t gotten over the confirmation and are still attempting to smear the justice. 

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