HuffPo Writer Also Wants to Eradicate Limbaugh, Beck, and O'Reilly

June 24th, 2010 12:55 AM

Huffington Post blogger, Frank Schaeffer, has been trying to eradicate elements of the right for quite some time.  Katie Bell had a great post on Monday covering his recent call to ‘eradicate' fundamental Christianity. 

It's no secret that Schaeffer is very critical of religious elements in society.  But on a side note, were you aware that he is a former member of the religious right?  Apparently making mention of such information gives him street cred with the non-religious left.  He mentions it nearly every time he opens his mouth.   Take a drink every time Schaeffer mentions his past participation in the religious right, and you're sure to be hammered in no time.

Not content with attacking the religious right, Schaeffer has also made a career of attacking the conservative voice in general.  Last year, he penned a column so bereft of facts that even the Huffington Post should have been embarrassed by the content.  More troublesome is that this particular post included the pronouncement of a new Web site campaign that is wrong on two fronts:  It incorrectly predicts the rise of violence perpetrated by the ‘far right' (anyone who dares to oppose Barack Obama), and it specifically labels conservative talk show hosts Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck as ‘domestic terrorists'.

Schaeffer states in his October 5, 2009 column that, "The extremism and paranoid delusions of the far, far loony right -- in other words The Republican Party today as led and deformed by Beck/Limbaugh/Fox and the fundamentalist "Christians" --- is now on full display."

He goes on to say, "Now some of us ... are organizing to do something about this evil (yes I use that word deliberately) trend.  We're doing this because more and more of us see that if unchecked the inflammatory garbage spewing from the Right's hate machines will result in tragedy -- in other words violence."

And with that came the announcement that he was endorsing a new Web site known as  The site sports a prominent home page banner that features the likes of Scott Roeder (George Tiller's murderer), and James von Brunn (Holocaust Museum gunman).  Shockingly however, there are also images of O'Reilly, Beck, and Limbaugh alongside these murderers.  The implication being that conservative talk show hosts are as culpable in these attacks as the men who actually pulled the trigger.

Schaeffer's main contribution to the Web site is a letter penned to Attorney General Eric Holder.  While Holder doesn't feel the need to read such major things as say, a law he plans to challenge, it is very unlikely he found time to delve into Schaeffer's letter.  As such, we outline some key excerpts for Mr. Holder.

The letter starts with, "I am a former leader in the religious right movement..."  No surprise there.  One has to wonder if he can legally change his name to that statement.

"...and am writing to request a meeting with you or other top officials of the Department of Justice to discuss what I believe is an escalating threat of hate crimes and domestic terrorism. I am deeply concerned that we are facing a period like that before 9/11 where warnings were ignored or brushed aside for various unacceptable reasons."

Based on his column which specifically mentions the hate speech of O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Beck, along with the fact that their images are plastered onto the homepage, one can only surmise that this statement makes a definitive comparison between the conservative talk show hosts and the 9/11 hijackers.

Schaeffer then takes a swipe at the oh-so-threatening Town Hall protestors saying, "...angry demonstrators fueled by racism and hate speech have been directed to physically disrupt town hall meetings wearing "body armor" and "packing heat."

The letter wraps up with, "I would also like to share my ideas of how to reach out to the right wing media that foments this hate speech so they understand that such speech pushes some people to commit violence."

While Schaeffer is quick to note that this last statement should not be construed as a war on Fox News, he is contradicted by the site's ‘action items' which state: 

  • We will ask companies to stop advertising on extremist media outlets such as Bill O'Reilly's FOX TV show and Rush Limbaugh's radio show because of their lies, incitement and racism.
  • We will insist that ‘shock jocks' stop targeting people with racist and violent hate speech designed to incite violence against others.
  • Send a note to FOX advertisers to stop ads on Glenn Beck's show,

Of course, the Color of Change organization was co-founded by Beck's good friend, Van Jones, so their credibility, much like that of their founder, is almost certainly non-existent.

Every tragedy that the liberal left is able to exploit, they do so without concern for facts and logic.  It has been repeated over and again with:

Point being, this has and always will be a staple of the liberal left.  Schaeffer is no different. 

With his recent rant on the ‘eradication' of fundamental Christianity, has Schaeffer actually exposed himself?  By his own definition and understanding of how words can incite violence, has his call to eradicate fundamentalism identified him as a domestic terrorist?

Only a former member of the religious right would know for sure...

What say you, Mr. Schaeffer?

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