HuffPo Column is a Microcosm of the Liberal Mindset – EVERYTHING is Bush’s Fault

June 8th, 2010 11:53 PM
Huffington Post writer and author of poetry and fiction, Anis Shivani, demonstrated what we have seen in bits and pieces throughout the liberal MSM, though it is rarely seen in such dramatic and sweeping fashion.  Shivani harnessed all of the rational thought he could muster, gathered a bevy of intelligent rhetoric, armed himself with a cache of well-reasoned arguments and... quickly dispensed with them prior to writing his recent column

The gist of the piece?  Every major catastrophe to hit America can be traced to one singular event - George Bush and the 2000 Presidential election results.

No, seriously.

Shivani starts off by listing examples of American catastrophes - 9/11, Enron, Katrina, Wall Street, the BP spill.

He then explains (emphasis mine throughout):

"It all began with the Florida election theft in 2000 (all of the now-familiar excuses were first used in full force, in total conjugation, for this first disaster). It gave a signal to everyone managing and regulating and overseeing any kind of operation, public or private, that henceforth it was the day of the jackals, that accountability and honesty and certitude were out the door."

For good measure - and in tune with his liberal colleagues - the BP oil spill is singled out as being directly Bush's fault:

"In such an open culture of deceit, why do we expect BP not to cut corners, or to be afraid of being brought to account should its recklessness go awry? Nobody has been held responsible for the eight years of war crimes under the Bush administration. Everyone knows that you can get away with whatever you want, and if you mess up on your watch, it's all right. You're certainly not going to jail."

Never mind those pesky Transocean/Deepwater safety awards handed out by the Obama administration.  Certainly the only culpability lies with the previous administration.

On a side note, if getting away with whatever you want caused these catastrophes, then William Jefferson has some ‘splainin' to do.

The liberal media have consistently blamed Bush for every one of the aforementioned disasters.  That trend has continued with the disaster in the Gulf, as the following list demonstrates:

Now however, the bar has been raised by explaining away every single American catastrophe as being caused by the 2000 election. 

No mention of what caused the devastation in Haiti, the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, or the earthquake in Chile, but the people of those nations should seriously consider the effect of hanging chads on plate tectonics. 

In the middle of the article, Shivani does exhibit a moment of clarity, finally criticizing the Obama administration for not stemming the flow of these disasters because - wait for it - they didn't prosecute Bush administration officials for war crimes.

"At no point has the circuit been broken. Obama, if he'd prosecuted officials in the previous administration for war crimes, would have slowed down the flow of disasters. How is BP connected to torture? In every way imaginable. Once this administration took charge, it refused to send any signals that those who committed crimes against the people would be brought to justice."

Hold on there Crazy McCrazypants.  Election results cause earthquakes?  Fighting a War on Terrorism and more specifically, waterboarding, causes oil spills?  I've heard it all now.  Next you'll be telling me that excessive cleavage causes... well, nevermind.

The best part about this piece is the end, where Shivani wraps it all up by hinting that any eventual disasters will also be Bush's fault.

"It is a huge, unmistakable signal that lawlessness is all right. It goes back to Florida, the original sin, it really does, and there's no putting this Humpty Dumpty back together again...  These disasters are merely the exclamatory end points of this particular bloated empire. Get ready for the next ‘completely unprecedented,' even larger one."

In the meantime, we'll simply get ready for the next bout of Bush Derangement Syndrome from the Huffington Post. 

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