Denver Post Hits Romney With a Few Jabs

Mitt RomneyThe Denver Post printed an article on July 30 highlighting the possible selection of Mitt Romney as a vice-presidential running mate with John McCain. While focusing on several obvious areas in which Romney may help the ticket, the Post simply couldn't resist a few subtle jabs directed at the former Massachusetts Governor.

Making a personal assessment that Romney sometimes comes off as being aloof, and citing his membership in a church that some consider a cult, was simply not enough. Reporter Karen E. Crummy (I will resist the puns) practically salivated at the prospect of using those observations as talking points for the Democratic Party. (Emphasis mine)

He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, considered a cult by some evangelical Christians and Southern Baptists. Despite his central-casting good looks, he often comes across as aloof. And he and McCain taunted each other in the primaries, which could be exploited by Democrats.

Just another demonstration of how the MSM would like to remind their readers that Romney's religion does in fact, matter.

Surprisingly enough, I conducted a search on past Denver Post articles involving Barack Obama, and none of them included the phrase:

Barack Obama is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, considered racist and anti-American by right-minded individuals everywhere.

Who'd have thought?

Photo Credit: Photographer Mandi Wright for AP/ Detroit Free Press.

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