Donald Trump's Best Debate of the 2016 Presidential Campaign

October 20th, 2016 5:17 PM

As many leading pundits in the media pointed out, last night’s debate was probably Donald Trump’s last major opportunity to turn the tide of the campaign. Though Trump was the winner on points, he was nowhere near close enough to the decisive knock out he needed to gain the initiative. 

Certainly as the recent WikiLeaks have shown, other forces outside his control have helped push him down in the polls. However, regarding last night’s failed performance, the main culpability lies squarely on Trump’s shoulders.  

Trump failed because he did not lay out a clear understanding of the two world views that are on the ballot this election. Yes, he did stand up for his pro-life beliefs, as well as defend the second amendment, and a traditional view of the Constitution. However, on balance, Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies radical agenda for America mostly went undiscussed. Trump missed a huge opportunity to look into the cameras and tell the American people Hillary's plans with regards to abortion, including partial-birth abortion. She wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment so that you, the taxpayers, foot the bill for aborting babies.

Not all hope is lost however. Small as it may be, there is still a chance for Trump to win. As more revelations surface about the utterly corrupt Clinton campaign machine (such as those brought to light by Project Veritas), Trump must act boldly to highlight sleazy Clinton Inc. 

Additionally, in the remaining days of the campaign, Trump needs to bypass the biased national media, and buy large blocks of time, and have a conversation directly and forcefully with the American people about his and Clinton's world views. He can achieve this by conveying a bright future for America through conservative principles of a smaller government, lower taxes for everyone, less regulations for businesses, and a respect for an originalist interpretation of the Constitution. He must articulate these principles in a consistent, articulate, heartfelt and passionate manner. If he does not do these things and do them well, the national media will crush him and many other Republican candidates for federal and state offices.

Yes there still are some honest journalists. Chris Wallace was a role model for how all debate moderators should conduct themselves and was clearly the best, most professional debate moderator of the 2016 season. 

However, as Media Research Center so powerfully points out, the media are overwhelmingly liberal and biased. They are a force which must be dealt with and neutralized. If Donald Trump can bypass them, stick to clearly communicating his core conservative principles, while at the same time exposing Hillary Clinton, he still has a shot.