The Media Let January 6 Committee Skate

May 14th, 2022 4:00 PM

So the week ends with this headline from The Washington Post: "Jan. 6 committee sets up historic showdown." Notice anything curious here? Or should I say curiously missing? That would be serious media coverage of the January 6 Committee members themselves, what they did or did not do on January 6 and in the run-up to that day, not to mention their role afterwards in the establishment…

‘Full Frontal’ Gives Thumbs Up to Protests at Justices’ Homes

May 14th, 2022 1:30 PM

Basement-rated show veers to the left of even Biden White House. Samantha Bee once raised a ruckus over a gag targeting Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, her signature show is cheering on protesters who are making life miserable, and worse, for five pro-life Supreme Court justices…at their homes.

Organic B.S. With GMOs

May 12th, 2022 1:32 PM

Activists have convinced Americans that “organic” food is better -- healthier, better-tasting, life-extending. As a result, poor parents feel guilty if they can't afford to pay $7 for organic eggs. This misinformation is spread by people like Alexis Baden-Mayer, political director of the Organic Consumers Association. She says organic food is clearly better: “The nutrition is a huge difference…

Why Mother’s Day Weekend?

May 11th, 2022 6:32 PM

Irony doesn’t begin to explain why pro-choice activists chose Mother’s Day weekend to picket the homes of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts, who appear ready to overturn Roe v. Wade. In an age when there appear to be fewer consequences for violating moral or statutory laws, demonstrators and protesters outside the Supreme Court building seem to have…

The Conservative Surge in Twitter Followers – The Elon Musk Effect?

May 10th, 2022 9:23 AM

In January, I wrote about a USA Today article centered around a New York University study that supposedly disproved the claim that social media platforms, like Twitter, discriminate against conservatives. USA Today said, “Despite repeated charges of anti-conservative bias from former President Donald Trump and other GOP critics, Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube are…

My Body, My Choice: Media Support for COVID Mandates Runs Against Roe

May 7th, 2022 4:00 PM

So the cries of anguish and anger from the American left goes up. The leaked opinion from the Supreme Court says there is a possibility the controversial 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion may, in fact, be overruled. And the angry shriek from all manner of left-leaning media is that leftist favorite cry: “My body my choice.” Well now. No one has done a better job of eviscerating…


Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage – What Happens Next?

May 7th, 2022 1:30 PM

Shocking assault on GOAT comic isn't an isolated incident in the culture wars. The left and journalists alike have pounded Dave Chappelle for telling the wrong kind of jokes. The furor didn’t start with The Closer, the comedian’s most recent Netflix special, but it picked up sizable momentum following its Oct. 5, 2021 release.

The End of the Road for Roe?

May 5th, 2022 6:35 PM

This week, an anonymous leaker violated generations of Supreme Court norms by passing on to Politico a draft decision by Justice Samuel Alito in Dobbs v. Mississippi, the case considering overturning Roe v. Wade (1973).

Government Propaganda, American Style

May 4th, 2022 10:28 AM

As with many things, propaganda can be used for good or for ill, depending on who dispenses it. During World War II, American propaganda was considered a necessary tool in the pursuit of victory in a moral cause. Germany and Japan had their own propaganda machines to advance an evil agenda. The Nazi propaganda effort was headed by Joseph Goebbels to whom the term “The Big Lie,” meaning if one…

An Odd Couple in Hollywood

May 3rd, 2022 8:39 AM

Washington — I do not go to the movies. Oh, I go to reruns of “The Godfather,” “The Godfather: Part II” and “The Godfather: Part III.” (There was a “Godfather: Part III,” was there not?) I got a little tired of all those Italians eating pasta and killing each other. Seriously, I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and I grew up with the children of mafiosi. To this day, I am amazed at how…

Mayorkas, Nina Jankowicz and CREW Stand Up for Fascism

April 30th, 2022 4:14 PM

George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” has arrived and the Left’s demand for outright fascism steps up. America’s “Ministry of Truth” was announced this week by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The official title of this Orwellian confection is the “Disinformation Governance Board” and its executive director is one Nina Jankowicz. 

Mark Twain Prize Honors Propagandist Stewart, Ignores Cancel Culture

April 30th, 2022 1:53 PM

Comedy’s grand gala turns into an embarrassing display of chutzpah. Imagine gathering the biggest names in comedy and leaving out an existential threat to creative freedom. The minds behind the Mark Twain Prize organized just such an effort Sunday to fete Jon Stewart for its latest honors.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Reveals the Left For What It Is

April 27th, 2022 5:26 PM

This week, in one of the most shocking business moves in recent memory, Twitter reversed itself and decided to sell itself after all to Elon Musk, who paid some $44 billion for the privilege. The move was made, at least in part, for ideological reasons; Musk has been vocally critical of Twitter's management of information flow.

What Would Walt Think?

April 27th, 2022 9:38 AM

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill passed by the Republican-majority legislature that revokes a special tax exemption and other privileges for Walt Disney World in Orlando. This was in response to the company’s current leadership and some of its employees who have protested another bill signed by the governor that prohibits the teaching of gender issues in kindergarten through…