Will Nets Cover THIS Ugly Tweet About Dorian From a Former Canadian PM?

August 30th, 2019 5:14 PM

While Hurricane Dorian was headed for Florida and possibly the rest of the East Coast, some liberal media types have nonetheless used the bad weather as an opportunity to take yet another shot at President Trump.

That was the case during the past few days, when former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell tweeted that she hoped the catastrophe “scores a direct hit on Mar-a-Lago,” the resort owned by the President. But the question becomes: How much will the liberal media (and specifically the broadcast networks) cover this ugly tweet (which she has apologized for)? Thus far, mainstream outlets include The Hill, Newsweek, Time magazine, USA Today, The Washington Post, and Yahoo! Entertainment.



Friday morning, Fox Business Newtork host Stuart Varney provided some background on the impending storm:

[L]ook, it's Dorian that is the center of attention, certainly in Florida this weekend. It's likely to make landfall Monday and blast the state all the way through Tuesday. Already, there's been a run on groceries and gas stations. President Trump's canceled his trip to Poland to be in America when Dorian hits.

However, Varney then referred to “a nasty note here” from Campbell who tweeted that she hoped the hurricane “scores a direct hit” on Mar-a-Lago, a comment she has since apologized for making.

Obviously, the FBN anchor stated, Campbell “doesn't like our President.”

Over on the Fox News Channel, fill-in America's Newsroom co-host Jon Scott asked Fox News Headlines 24/7's Carley Shimkus if she agreed with Varney’s assertion.

She noted that Campbell served as prime minister for a short period of time in 1993, and now “she is responding to some of the backlash.”

Shimkus added that Campbell “once told one of her Twitter critics to get a grip, but she has since taken a more conciliatory tone.”

The Canadian official has confirmed that she doesn't want anyone to be hurt due to her post because of the President's response to Puerto Rico as well as his feelings on climate change.

Shimkus continued that the tweet did receive three thousand “likes,” but also “plenty of backlash.”

The Fox News reporter noted that Campbell is currently the chairwoman of the Canada Supreme Court Advisory Board, so she “is in a hight-level position.”

Social media, Shimkus noted, has gotten “so many professional people in trouble” before adding that “colleges are now talking to students, telling them: ‘Don’t post anything controversial. Watch what you post’ because ‘we’re going to be looking.’”

“I think that lesson should also go to some adults in the world as well,” she noted.