Scarborough Calls Pompeo a ‘Disgrace’ and a ‘Joke’ After FNC Interview

June 18th, 2019 8:10 AM

When Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough runs out of things to use in slamming President Trump, the MSNBC anchor is more than happy to instead roast someone who is a member of the GOP official’s administration.

That was the case on Monday, when Scarborough used an interview of Mike Pompeo by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace to hammer the secretary of state as “a joke” and “a disgrace” who “made a fool of himself” while lying for the President.



The conflict began when Wallace asked Pompeo: “Is accepting oppo[sition] research from a foreign government right or wrong?”

“Chris,” the guest responded, “you asked me not to call any of your questions today ‘ridiculous,’” but “you came really close right there.”

After the secretary of state defended Trump’s view of the matter, Wallace said that the President had “walked it back” after stating last week that he would listen to any information he received from a foreign intelligence agency about a political rival.

Pompeo disagreed, but the Fox News anchor pressed that the country has a long history “dating back to George Washington, it’s been said that foreign interference is our elections is unacceptable.”

The guest tersely responded: “Chris, President Trump believes that, too. I have nothing more to add.”

Not surprisingly, Scarborough came out the following morning with both fists flying:

Who is Mike Pompeo to say that Chris Wallace asks a ridiculous question when he’s just stating the truth? What a joke.

And what a disgrace for Mike Pompeo to be given all the opportunities he’s been given in life …  to use that ability, to use his talents, to use his background to make a fool of himself and lie for the president of the United States.

The MSNBC co-host then stated the Republican official was excusing Trump for saying: “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with accepting information from foreign hostile powers. That’s what the secretary of state just said.”

Scarborough also hammered Pompeo for attacking Chris Wallace before claiming that “administration officials need to figure out you just don’t win when you do that.”

Of course, a panelist for the segment totally agreed with the co-host’s assessment. Nicholas Confessor of the New York Times claimed Wallace’s query should be “an easy question with a simple answer: ‘No.’”

The MSNBC anchor also attacked: “Being a toady for the President of the United States doesn’t work out well for you in the long run, but [what] Donald Trump can get away with is no more transferable than what Bill Clinton could get away with” regarding Hillary Clinton, or Ronald Reagan to George H. W. Bush.

“These people are going to get pounded when they leave Trump’s shadow,” Scarborough added.