Daily Show's Noah to Angela Rye: Your Rude Behavior to Conservatives on CNN Is 'Amazing!'

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, host Trevor Noah brought CNN commentator Angela Rye for a friendly interview that began with the late-night host gushing over how “amazing” the liberal pundit’s rude behavior on CNN was.

“You have a long list of credentials because are you doing many, many, many things,” Noah warmly introduced his guest, who has a podcast and also just hosted a BET News special called “Angela Rye’s State of the Union.” But Noah noted that most people know Rye from her “infamous moment” on CNN speaking during the conventions.

The Daily Show then played a clip of Rye rolling her eyes obnoxiously after Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany said something positive about Trump, during a live CNN panel interview. The audience of course loved the clip and so did Noah who gushed:

“I think that’s an amazing moment,” he praised.

While the late-night host highlighted that one incident, they could’ve made a ten minute reel of Rye doing similar or more obnoxious antics on CNN, whenever she heard a conservative say something she didn’t like. Her rude outbursts, name-calling and bratty facial expressions were basically her calling card during the network’s coverage of the primaries and 2016 election.

Noah continued to tout Rye was representing what “a lot of people were feeling” about Donald Trump. He wondered if she felt like it was difficult to walk the line as a “pundit” vs. calling out Trump for his bad behavior:

A lot of people liked that in that moment, I feel, like you were expressing what people were feeling. And that is something pundits can’t do or couldn’t do before Donald Trump. Everyone wanted to act like everything was normal. Do you find it difficult to do that as a pundit? Do you just get to a point where you went like, ‘Guys this is not normal. This is not the world we should be living in?’

Rye responded that she was only doing what should be done in this age of “normalizing Trump.”

Normalizing the crazy, normalizing the bigotry, normalizing the xenophobia, normalizing the racism. Jemele Hill got in trouble for calling Donald Trump the obvious, like he’s racist. I don’t know what else you need to hear!” Rye snarked as Noah chuckled.

“There’s a racism problem in the White House. So to me it's just like I think it's important for us to call it what it is. Because if you don't, that's how things get deadly. Like all joke aside,” Rye gushed, as the audience cheered.



For all the grief the liberal media gives to President Trump for not acting “presidential” enough, they sure don’t seem to hold themselves to the same high standards of decorum.

Whether it’s Angela Rye rolling her eyes and yelling out veiled obscenities on-air, or Jim Acosta constantly whining for not getting called on during press briefings or April Ryan yelling out racism accusations at the president in the Oval Office, CNN’s reporters and analysts in particular seem to give themselves a pass when it comes to behaving in a civil and mature manner.

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