MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid: Bernie, Tell 'Sandernistas' the War Is Lost

May 19th, 2016 8:21 PM

In an online column posted on Wednesday, Joy-Ann Reid from the liberal MSNBC cable television channel behaved as a Democratic Party apparatchik by calling for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to “level with your dreamers” that his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has won the primary contest despite the fact that the socialist candidate made the contest “a hard-fought race.”

Reid, who is the anchor of AM Joy, which airs from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays, began her article by stating that Sanders “must stop indulging his people’s fantasies, tell them the truth about the math -- and get them to stop with all the nasty about Clinton.”

“Soon and very soon,” she stated, “Sanders is going to have to help his most ardent fans confront the fact of his defeat. How he does so will help to determine his legacy.”

The MSNBC anchor asserted: “That is not meant to disparage the campaign or the candidate, despite the vitriol that’s sure to start flooding into my Twitter timeline right now.” Instead, Reid noted: “It’s a statement of mathematical fact.”

“Clinton is 94 percent of the way to the 2,383 required delegates, having won 54 percent of the total pledged delegates so far, to Sanders’s 46 percent,” Reid explained. Clinton “needs only 35 percent of what’s left, while Sanders needs 65 percent, and a literal miracle."

“If you throw in superdelegates, as they stand today, Clinton needs just 14 percent of the remainder to win, versus an astounding 86 percent haul Sanders needs,” she noted.

As of today, no matter what happens in Kentucky (or Oregon, or Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, D.C., or even mighty California, Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee.

“Of course, none of that has stopped the magical thinking, and in some quarters, the rage and even conspiracy theorizing of hardcore 'Sandernistas' who refuse to accept that the war is lost,” she continued.

“Case in point: the cantankerous Nevada Democratic convention in Las Vegas this weekend at which stalwart liberal California Senator Barbara Boxer was booed and shouted down for the crime of calling for civility and party unity,” Reid noted.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she stated, “a fight literally broke out on the convention floor over the setting of rules and the election of 43 delegates and three alternates to go to the July 25 national convention in Philadelphia.”

Also, the MSNBC host asserted, “Bernie-hair avatars” are “shrieking about hundreds of thousands -- no, millions -- of would-be Bernie voters falling victim to a supposed national voter suppression campaign that is the 'real reason' he isn’t winning.”

“The culprits, in this alternate reality,” are the Democratic National Committee, which does not set the rules for individual caucuses and primaries,” she explained.

“They are run, respectively, by state parties and state legislatures,” Reid noted, “but according to the theory, they’ve been gamed by nefarious Hillary Clinton operatives in the parties, who have been programmed by 'The Establishment' to deny Bernie his rightful nomination.”

Reid added:

The rush to conspiracy theories, appropriation of the real, ongoing struggles against actual voter suppression including voter ID laws, and the embrace by some on the Sanders left of every scurrilous accusation against Hillary Clinton, from the ’90s to Benghazi, is jarring.

And the memes are especially vicious among the youngest Sandernistas, whose abject hatred of Secretary Clinton is reaching World Net Daily proportions. In fact, some supposed leftists have taken to tweeting out actual WND, Breitbart and Daily Caller links to prove their case.

In addition, “Sanders and his team have seemed at times to encourage the bitter-enders to fight to the proverbial death, with the campaign itself vowing to contest the nomination right onto the convention floor,” she indicated.

“It’s not clear what Team Sanders hopes to achieve, beyond a platform battle in Philadelphia that will make for a great TV spectacle but won’t change the outcome,” Reid continued.

“If Sanders does hope to have a future in Democratic Party politics,” she added, “he will eventually have to tell his supporters the truth: that he simply lost the primary contest, despite a hard-fought race.”

“It’s tough to imagine the Vermont senator actively embracing Clinton, who is considerably more hawkish on foreign policy and less ambitious on domestic affairs than he,” However, “Sanders has proven to be an effective attacker when he sets his mind to it.”

Also, Sanders should use his influence to try to prevent voters in his camp from bolting to “Trumpville” by training his fire on the Republican nominee. “Only time will tell how Sanders chooses to play out the end of his campaign,” Reid concluded.