MSNBCers Point at Barr and Russia as Possible Epstein Death Suspects

August 11th, 2019 1:01 AM

Accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's body was barely cold after a reported suicide in a federal prison when MSNBC personnel began chiming in with conspiracy theories pointing fingers at the Trump administration and the Russians. AM Joy host Joy Reid insinuated that Attorney General William Barr was somehow at fault (h/t: Free Beacon's Cam Cawthorne for the video):



This is somebody who not only is high-profile, who not only knew a lot of high-profile people, whose papers just came out of court just to let out of some of the documents related to his cases that name high-profile people, who is friends with the current President of the United States, who flew a previous President of the United States around on his plane. Who is alleged to have trafficked girls to a member of the royal family of Britain.

This is on the same level of a Bill Cosby. This is a famous person who's now in prison. He knows a lot about a lot of people. His only out at this point would to talk about those people. So, he's in this very vulnerable situation.

And then came the insinuation lacking any proof:

This Department of Justice does not exactly inspire confidence. Let's just be blunt. William Barr's Justice Department is not one you can readily simply rely upon and feel confident in. What do we make of all of this now that in this federal facility this person was allowed to be alone long enough to either harm himself or be killed by some—we don't know what happened. We just don't know.

Chiming in with his own evidence-free conspiracy theory tweet was Joe Scarborough.


How predictably...Scarborough.

Who does this guy think he is? Alex Jones?

Frequent Morning Joe panelist and MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann obediently followed Scarborough's Russian theory by syncing his own tweet to match Joe's theory less than an hour later.


It looks to be a Grassy Knoll Monday on Morning Joe.