Joe Scarborough: Trump Has Been Keeping Promises

September 14th, 2018 11:31 AM

Joe Scarborough has been so opposed to President Donald Trump (as opposed to when he boosted Trump for president) that he even smeared him a few days ago with the absurd claim that Trump is a graver threat  to the American dream than the 9/11 terrorists. Therefore it was quite surprising that on Friday's Morning Joe show, while in Mississippi observing the attitudes of voters in that state toward Trump, that Scarborough said something about Trump that was so upbeat positive that the soundbite could actually be used in one of his  2020 re-election campaign commercials.

Was this an accidental admission by Scarborough, via summarizing the attitude of the voters, on how Trump keeps his promises? Or was it an attempt to make up for his deranged attack upon Trump earlier this week? In any event, his startlingly upbeat comment along with a followup by commentator Elise Jordan about Trump's success on the economy, sure presented a jarringly contrasting  picture to what is the normal routine of steady Trump derangement on Morning Joe.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I can tell you, especially with Pat, the one that kept winking at Mika and saying ‘Bless your heart,’ she believes that America is in trouble and that Donald Trump is the only one fighting to revive the country. And I know Elise is — I don’t know if you are a fellow former Republican, but at one point we were both Republicans most of our lives. The great frustration with Republicans has been — we elect our Republican presidents, we knock on doors for them, we have blood and sweat and tears for these people, we contribute to them, and then they appoint liberal justice or then they back down and try to make a deal on immigration with Ted Kennedy, then they try to make a deal with Ted Kennedy on education. They do all these things they told us they were not going to do. Because they all tell us they’re going to move the embassy to Jerusalem. They all tell us that. And it all ends up being a lie. And Elise, what they were saying was, ‘Unlike every other Republican president we’ve elected, this guy is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.’

The eeriness of hearing that upbeat attitude towards Trump from Scarborough was only amplified by commentator Elise Jordan.

ELISE JORDAN: He’s delivering on the economy. They like the job numbers and they like the tax cuts overall. One question at the very beginning of the roundtable was striking, I think, in illustrating kind of how we arrived to this moment. That’s when you were asking the sources of media that everyone listened to or read. They were talking about how their habits had changed from reading local newspapers to now just watching strictly just Fox News. We have this just cycle of super polarization that if we just insulate and go further into our own caves and don’t listen to anyone else that the country is only going to be this crisis of rancor.