Tom Arnold's Producer Admits No Trump Tapes Found

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens recently warned Democrats not to "lose their marbles." Too late, Bret. It has already happened and Tom Arnold is the poster boy of them losing their marbles. 

When not losing his marbles while floating in and out of reality such as happened during his epic meltdown on CNN in June, Arnold in his brief moments approaching some approximation of sanity is supposedly working on his TDS project, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes. Only one little problem. As his Viceland show's producer admitted, no such tape that could bring Trump down has been found. 

That admission, which demonstrates that Tom Arnold is no closer to removing Trump from office than Special Counsel Robert Mueller is to achieving the same goal via investigating the President's tweets was revealed in a July 26 Hollywood Reporter article whose title sounds like a rant, 'Tom Arnold Rips "Racist" Trump, Mark Burnett; Demands Release of 'Apprentice' Tapes':



Tom Arnold on Thursday morning unleashed a sublime polemic against Donald Trump, kicking off a promotional appearance for his new series, Viceland's The Hunt for the Trump Tapes, by saying that he won't stop digging until the president quits — and that he "doesn't give a shit" about the 40 percent of Americans still standing by him.

"I'm going to do this until he resigns," said Arnold. "He is a crazy person. He is putting this country on the precipice of war right now. For some reason, I am in a position to do something, and it is working. And I am going to do this until that guy resigns and the world will be safer. It's going to happen."

Trump is a crazy person, declared Tom Arnold from inside his perpetual asylum. Sure. Let's continue:

Arnold, a former Trump friend turned outspoken critic, was open about his lack of qualifications for investigative reporting. Instead, he focused on the producers and researchers doing the real work to uncover incriminating audio and video of Trump — namely from his time on The Apprentice and even the alleged "pee-pee tape."

Was he also open about his lack of qualifications to face reality? BTW, Tom, those producers and researchers will investigate just about anything if you pay them. Getting actual results is another matter.

"You will know there is a pee-pee tape," said Arnold. "There will be no doubt in your mind."

No doubt in my mind there was a lot of pee-pee (and other stuff) on the CNN restroom floor after Tom's meltdown there a month ago.

"I would love Mark Burnett, who sits at the prayer breakfast with [Trump], I'd like him to stand up and say, 'We had to cut out all the lies, sexual harassment and incompetence,'" said Arnold, who noted that he pushes at Burnett throughout his upcoming series.

So in addition to the expected TDS ranting there will also be a lot of BDS ranting.

Accusations from Arnold came at such a fevered pace it was difficult to keep track. He said he has proof that Trump said the "N-word" multiple times. He also said that he has evidence that Trump borrowed money from convicted sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 because he was "broke." Arnold also took aim at WME topper Ari Emanuel: "It's on these people who are protecting him, including Ari Emanuel, who owns Miss Universe."

Perhaps Tom might consider lowering the dosage of whatever he is ingesting since he invoked the names of a couple of Democrats. Epstein who ofen flew with Bill Clinton down to his Sex Fiend Island and Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel who is the Democrat mayor of Shoot City Chicago.

Finally, the Hollywood Reporter's Michael O'Connell gets to the pathetic bottom line about Tom's new show that there is no there there:

...nothing earth-shattering seems to have been uncovered by Arnold's yet-to-be-released series, as executive producer Nomi Ernst Leidner was quick to clarify.

"If we had a tape that would completely change this regime," she said, "of course we'd make sure American public got it right away."

So basically a big fat Nothing Burger. At least when Geraldo Rivera found nothing in Al Capone's vault he could walk away and end the pain on the spot but with Tom Arnold it will be week after week of empty vaults in the form of no Trump tapes. But don't worry, Democrats, the new face of your party's marble losing derangement has a message of encouragement for you:

"Don't worry. Tom Arnold is on it and I'm Tom Arnold."

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