Jorge Ramos Irked By Race Card Pushback on CNN's State of the Union

When Univision anchor Jorge Ramos agreed to be a guest on Sunday's State Of The Union on CNN, I don't think he expected the race card pushback he would receive at the hands of Arizona State Senator Steve Montenegro. During the debate over President Donald Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ramos pulled out his stock set of liberal clichés to recite which were effortlessly mocked and swatted aside by Montenegro. At the end of the 12 minute segment, Ramos appeared to be quite irked as you can see.

JORGE RAMOS: I think Senator Montenegro is forgetting that he's an immigrant from El Salvador and that Sheriff Joe Arpaio discriminated against many people just like you, Senator.

By pardoning Arpaio, President Trump is defending racism. Arpaio violated the Constitution. He discriminated against Latinos. He was convicted of a criminal contempt of court.

And not only that. The Department of Justice, ACLU, two judges agreed that he practiced and promoted racial profiling. In other words, he was accused of racism.

Sheriff Arpaio discriminated against thousands of Latinos. He destroyed many homes. And that's precisely, that's precisely the man that, in the middle of a hurricane, President Trump pardoned.

Jorge Ramos hits the starting gate with his standard race card mode. Now take it away, Mr. Montenegro!

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STEVE MONTENEGRO: Well, Jake, let me respond to that. I do remember that I'm an immigrant myself. And, frankly, Sheriff Joe has endorsed me in my campaigns in the past and supported me for years as well. So, this narrative that the left tries to push that Republicans are racists, look, if you're looking at the screen right now, and you think I'm a white Republican, you need to adjust your screen.

This is the narrative that the left continues to push against Republicans, and it's simply not true. And, frankly, look, the judges that were -- that started this case in the first place, first of all, the judge should have recused herself, because she had a family member that was part of the original lawsuit against Sheriff Joe.

She should have recused herself in the first place. And then, when it comes time to have a jury or a trial, the Obama administration takes this case and doesn't even allow there to be a jury or a trial by jury. Again, there's so many things. Sheriff Joe would have won this case on appeal, because the process was very grossly neglected.

Trial by jury? Not allowed for an Enemy of the (liberal) People!

RAMOS: That is not true.

MONTENEGRO: But, again, folks like Jorge, they use these talking points -- they use these talking points against Republicans about racism.

And, look, I can start doing this interview in Spanish if we want to. I'm a Republican. Does that make me a racist? No. I'm an immigrant myself. Does that make me a racist? No.

It's just that we respect the rule of law. We want to make sure that we are obeying, that we are upholding the best of the process that we have in this country.

JAKE TAPPER: Jorge, go ahead.

RAMOS: But you're not respecting the rule of law right there, Mr. Montenegro, because the fact is that Sheriff Arpaio is a convicted criminal and he was accused of racism.

And I -- your last name is in Spanish, Montenegro, not in English. And I find it really disturbing and sad when an immigrant like you decides to turn his back on other immigrants and forgets where he comes from.

Poor Jorge is irked because Steve Montenegro won't accept the sacred liberal dogma nor will he bow down in homage to the all-purpose race card.

RAMOS: You had the chance, Mr. Montenegro, and President Trump had the chance to be on the right side of history, and that is with tolerance, with diversity, with democracy. And you, Mr. Montenegro, and President Trump decided to be on the wrong side of history, and that is with racism and with discrimination. And that's precisely what happened when President Trump pardoned Arpaio.

Ah! The right side/wrong side of history routine. It is one of Ramos' favorite liberal clichés to methodically recite.

MONTENEGRO: Again, this is part of the narrative. I mean, the left -- they resort to personal attacks when they can't stand on facts. I mean, the Republican Party here in Arizona I was the majority leader in the House of Representatives. That's the Republican Party not being racist.

I'm a statewide candidate right now for secretary of state for the Republican Party. That's not racism. This narrative that Republicans are racist, it's what the liberals and the left resort to when they have -- when they're left out of facts.

When they have nothing to stand on.

RAMOS: You're defending someone who has been accused of racism, Mr. Montenegro.

Race card! Race card! Use it often and keep repeating it!

MONTENEGRO: When we're talking about the left pardoning thugs, unrepented terrorists, when we have the left cheering for that, when we have the left cheering for the pardoning of traitors that give away secrets that put in danger and in peril Americans and everybody in this country and they cheered just because a man wants a sex change, I mean, that is what's on display here. The hypocrisy from the left, the hypocrisy and the left trying to make racism an issue when the fact is that we are a country of the rule of law.

RAMOS: Mr. Montenegro, you are defending a convicted criminal accused of racism.

Wash, rinse, repeat with the racism shtick over and over again when backed into a corner.

And now a Jorge Ramos encore performance as he washes, rinses, and repeats his stock all-purpose liberal answer.

MONTENEGRO: Well, really quickly, you know, again, what we're seeing right here is the left trying to make this about racism. And I think that even Hispanics -- the president received more support from Latinos this last election than many because they're able to see right through it as well.

And I think that the president -- you know, the decisions that he's going to make are based on the rule of law in this country. We are a country that respects the rule of law.

RAMOS: It is about racism, Mr. Montenegro.

Perhaps Ramos should consider a new writer to provide him with fresher material than the stale paint by liberal clichés stock answers he is currently reciting in response to all challenges to the sacred leftist dogma.

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