DUers Slam Hillary Over Her Emails

The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. ---Bernie Sanders

Actually the above quote was pretty much true for liberals, especially those at the far left Democrat Underground...until now. With the Iowa caucuses only a couple of days away and with much at stake, suddenly the DU supporters of Bernie have gotten very interested in those "damn emails" especially since a number of them have been labeled top secret at the very highest level. As you can see on this DU thread, the DUers now sound very much like "vicious rightwingers" on this topic:

Just got an AP bulletin on my phone about the same thing. It's definitely informing/infecting...the news cycles. If she's to be the nominee, she has to make sure this doesn't hand the White House to the crypto-fascists...

SHE SHOULD NOT be the nominee. Too risky with this, not to mention what may be lurking in her husband's whole "pants-down department"...

She broke the law buy sending highly classified information over unsecured servers. She removed classified information to unauthorized locations, is against the law, that's what this is all based on. It's unacceptable.

she knew what she was doing was illegal but figured she's a clinton, she can do as she pleases arrogance is another of her endearing qualities.....

This isn't ever going to go away. God help us if she manages to keep the lid on this until after the GE. It's not going to blow,over, it's going to simmer until it explodes all over the place.

These are but a few of the many, many DU comments on this topic. If you don't care to sift through all the material at the DU website, the DUmmie FUnnies has mined the best of the comedy gold for you.

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