Advocacy Reporter Luke Russert Lectures Boehner on Immigration

The only thing more annoying than NBC's Luke Russert acting as a blatant advocacy reporter is when he pretends to be a political pundit and little Luke did both at a press conference this week when he broadcast his opinion in the form of a question to House Speaker John Boehner at a press conference this week. It wasn't only what he said but also how he posed his question which was done in a tone of studied condescension as you can see in this video and below the fold.

Although you might wish to spare yourself the annoyance of watching insufferable Luke and his partisan brand of journalism, I promise that if you stay with this story until the end you will receive a very enjoyable comedy treat inadvertently provided by the young Russert.


First we have young Russert express his unwanted opinion on immigration and Republicans in the form of a question to Speaker Boehner:

LUKE RUSSERT: Mr. Boehner, it’s well known you guys got your rear ends handed to you in the Latino community in the 2012 election. The Chamber of Commerce is in favor of the Senate bill. Marco Rubio, presumptive 2016 nominee has put that bill as a sort of Profile In Courage moment. What does it say to the Latino community that the House GOP is stopping this pathway to citizenship after the Chamber of Commerce, the RNC, many other Republican groups have said it is time to get this issue behind us? It is time to modernize. Do you not risk putting the Republicans at a disadvantage with the fastest growing electoral voting group for another generation?

In addition to Luke unprofessionally lecturing Speaker Boehner on immigration, he displayed an astounding ignorance in his laughable attempt at punditry when he declared that Marco Rubio was the "presumptive 2016 nominee." Um, Luke. Take a look at the calendar. It is only 2013. If a presumptive GOP presidential nominee does emerge it probably won't be until sometime in 2016. Even Ronald Reagan wasn't the presumptive 1980 nominee in 1977 yet Luke is already presenting himself as the Sun King of political punditry.

As to the reaction of Speaker Boehner, he basically handed Luke's rear end back to him with this reply which, as you can hear, elicited gales of laughter from those in attendance at this press conference :

JOHN BOEHNER: Well, I didn't know this was an opinion show here.

Ironically the worst case of Luke Russert getting his own rear handed to him was performed by his NBC colleague Brian Williams on Election Night 2008 as you can see in this video. Keep your eye on the anticipatory exultation of the Indiana University coed next to Luke wearing the green scarf. Brian Williams impishly destroys the happy mood of both the coed and Luke in an instant with a comment that left poor Russert with a priceless "rear end handed to him" look on his face.





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