NYT Poster Boy of OWS Protests Reveals Self as Bizarre Drama Queen

"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille."

New York Times writer, Corey Kilgannon, chose Occupy Wall Street protester, Edward T. Hall III, as a representative of the OWS protests in an article about an arranged discussion between Hall and Wall Street worker Jimmy Vivona. Although the very thin patina of rationality presented by Hall might have fooled some liberals such as Brian Williams who want to desperately believe in the validity of the OWS protests, almost any normal observer wouldn't have been the least bit fooled by Hall's act. However, should any doubt remain about Hall's mental state, check out this video (below the fold) of Hall revealing his true self at the OWS protests. A word of warning: Not only is the language quite strong but Hall's off the chart Drama Queen antics are so burst out laughing funny from the get-go that you risk covering your monitor with coffee so please put your mug down while watching. A fringe benefit is a brief followup act by a female protester who attempts to match Mr. Hall in the Drama Queen department:


A few excerpts of Mr. Hall's "reasoned" monologue:

Help us now! Help us now! Help us, they don't want to do this! F*** these people up there! F*** these @$$holes in their f***ing yachts! They aren't in there, and they aren't in our country! They are not American! Get them the f*** out of here! Get them the f*** out of here! This is ours! This is Liberty Plaza!

...We are strong! We are strong! Do you see how strong we are? This should've gotten so worse. But we are taking it farther. We are taking it farther, like the future cars we're gonna have, more mileage and more sustainable stars than on the flag. We are gonna make our forefathers feel like they are our dads, and not sad and rolling in the grave, because we are going to save our country! Save our country! Save our country! Come with us!

...Do you feel this? Because we feel you! We are making history.

Contrast the unfiltered reality of the Drama Queen that is Ted Hall with the attempt to present him as somewhat reasonable by the Times article:

Mr. Hall said that he grew up in New Mexico and that both his parents were politically active lawyers who were thrilled that he was pursuing a socially conscious life and was involved in the Occupy Wall Street protest. Mr. Hall said he attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and then transferred to Bard College in upstate New York because of its reputation as a socially conscious school.

He had been renting in Washington Heights for the past two years while attending doctoral classes at Columbia University as a nonmatriculated student. He said that he supported his modest lifestyle with savings from working as a teenager and that he also had “a small trust fund” from his grandfather that he had not drawn from yet. For the past four weeks, he has eaten free meals and has slept in the park.

Of course, if Mr. Kilgannon had googled the subject of his article in advance, he would have discovered that Hall isn't exactly operating on all pistons. Apparently the trust fund kid attempted to catch a flight to San Francisco in a most unique way...by hopping aboard a baggage carousel at JFK Airport according to this February story in The Awl:

Last month, I was surprised to learn that my pal Ted had made the tabloids and then became news around the world while trying to catch a plane departing New York City's JFK airport for San Francisco using an extremely unconventional approach. The consensus among various news outlets is that Ted, desiring to see a woman named Maya, tried to board a United Airlines flight without an ID, and then, when he was denied, he attempted to crawl through the baggage carousel to gain entry to the tarmac.

Sometimes looks can be deceiving but in the case of Edward T. Hall III, with his multicolored pants and goofy sideways hat, they are not.

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