Libtalker Malloy: GOP Wants 'Jews to Kill Everybody in the Middle East' to 'Bring Jesus Back'

Just when you think liberal radio host Mike Malloy can't say anything crazier than he already has, out comes another gem.

On Monday as the President and his Party were refusing to compromise with House Republicans thereby setting the wheels in motion for a government shutdown, Malloy called the GOP "religious psychopaths" who "want women to get cancer," "girls to get sexually transmitted diseases," and "Jews to kill everybody in the Middle East" in order to "bring Jesus back!" (video follows with transcript courtesy Radio EQ):

MIKE MALLOY (30 September 2013) they're religious psychopaths; they are neo-fascists of the religious stripe. They don't care!

MIKE MALLOY (16:50) we want women to get cancer, ovarian cancer. We want - we want girls to get sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, we do. We want all of this because that will make Jesus happy and the rapture will come that much quicker! Now if we can just get the Jews to kill everybody in the Middle East, uh, we know that would bring Jesus back!

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