Maher: ‘The Pope’s an Atheist’

As NewsBusters readers are well-aware, Bill Maher says some astonishingly stupid things.

He may have actually outdone himself Friday, for on HBO’s Real Time, the host actually said, “I think the Pope’s an atheist” (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: But, you know, people always say, you know, when somebody says something obvious, “Oh is the Pope Catholic,” I think he might not be. I think the Pope might be an atheist - there, I’ve said it - like I think Obama is, because he said this week, Pope Frank said, “The Lord has redeemed all of us, not just Catholics, even the atheists.” And I was like, "I am going to book my flight to heaven right now."

And then of course, it’s funny, because, you know, it’s just like politics. The hierarchy at the Vatican was like, “What the f--k did this guy just?” You could almost see them preparing the poison. You know, it’s like, luckily we’ve got a spare pope. This guy, ixnay on the. You know, one of the key things in this religion and most religions is, “Oh, monopoly, only through us.” Even hippie Jesus said that. “Only through me.” So this guy’s saying everybody gets into heaven. So then they had to walk it back. […]

It made me think that, you know, I remember when I was making “Religulous,” and we talked to a lot of priests. And we found out that a lot of priests really aren’t believers. They do it because, no, some of them do it for the sex. That’s true, but some of them, I mean, no, there’s a lot of good ones, and they do it because it’s a way to help people and they know they can’t tell the masses that it’s all a crock. But they themselves don’t believe it. And I think Pope Frank…he’s a sophisticated guy from that era, and I think he’s, I’m telling you, I think the Pope’s an atheist.

Words really can't describe how addle-minded this man is. Sheesh!

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