Dennis Miller: Obama and Christie 'So Cute Together - Like Danny Zuko and Sandy in Grease'

Dennis Miller, as would be expected, had a humorous take on Tuesday's reunion of President Obama and Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) at the Jersey Shore.

Appearing on Fox News's O'Reilly Factor Wednesday, Miller said, "They're cute together. It's like Danny Zuko and Sandy in 'Grease.'”

BILL O’REILLY, HOST: Let's go Chris Christie, Obama down at the Jersey Shore. I was looking for Bruce Springsteen. Didn't see him. But the buddies were there again. 

DENNIS MILLER: They’re cute. They’re cute together.

O’REILLY: Are they?

MILLER: It's like Danny Zuko and Sandy in “Grease.” They’re so cute together.

O’REILLY: Who’s Sandy?

MILLER: Of course.

O’REILLY: Who’s Olivia Newton-John. Which one?

MILLER: She's a little chunky in this one, but obviously he looks up to her. Wins her a plush doll. It's exciting. And you know, Obama throws like a girlie man. So, it's nice to watch Christie.

Look at Chris. It's tough for him to get into the reflective glory of anybody, because I know he’s also had the stapling done, and I think Obama likes to come in and ask him if he can figure out a way to staple Biden's mouth shut, work at that end of the alimentary canal.

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