Dennis Miller: Journalist That Brings Down Obama Over Benghazi 'Will Be Out of the Game'

May 8th, 2013 12:56 AM

Have you seriously wondered why the media have largely boycotted the Benghazi story?

Dennis Miller has, and on Fox News's O'Reilly Factor Tuesday, he compellingly said, "If you’re the one who brings down Barack Obama, you will be out of the game" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL O’REILLY, HOST: So as we reported, big Benghazi hearing tomorrow in D.C. And you say, Miller?

DENNIS MILLER: Well, I don't think much is going to come out of this. That's just my thought. Bill, I have a feeling that if four jihadists had been killed by our guys that night on the raid on Benghazi that there would have been an internal affairs commission from our service seeing why these guys killed four jihadis, and they would have found out more than we found out so far about getting four of our guys killed.

O’REILLY: Why do you think that most Americans aren't locked in on this story? I mean, it is life and death. Ambassador Stevens a good man. He did ask for more protection. It was not granted. The murder did take place along with three other Americans. Then the government misled the world about the motive who did it. It, there’s a lot of ingredients here, but people aren't locked in. Is there a reason?

MILLER: The reason that people don't know Benghazi from Ben Gazzara - and they don't know Ben Gazzara at all – is that we are not a culture that deals in consequences anymore. It's not like we look at things and go, “Well that's not right. We’ve got to flatten the perpetrators of that isn't right.”

Hey look at Barack Obama with the sequester thing. It always makes me laugh when people, when he brings up sequestration and talks about how the evil Republicans are foisting it on the people. And then you want to just say, “It was your idea. You came up with it.” But it falls on deaf ears. Nobody holds anybody accountable anymore.

And the press isn't going to go after this story, Bill. A lot of people in the press. Maybe some guy on the internet will break it eventually. But you realize Woodward and Bernstein became Woodward and Bernstein because what they did to Nixon. The key thing in that equation was Nixon. You had a free rein on him.

You can't go after this guy. You won't get Woodward and Bernstein status. You’ll be out of the game. If you’re the one who brings down Barack Obama, you will be out of the game. And if you go after Hillary, who’s going to run the next eight years, you’ll be more out of the game. So, in this case, it’s, you know, it's not going to happen. The press isn't going to dig on on this.

Miller has an interesting point.

You take down a Republican, and you get all kinds of awards such as the Pulitzer Prize as well as books written about you and movies made in your honor.

You take down a Democrat? Not so much.

But try taking down a Democrat the media helped put into office. That'll be the end of your career.

Quite a free press we have today, isn't it?