Politico's Roger Simon: 'Clinton Had a Very Important and Elevated View of the Office of the Presidency'

September 8th, 2012 1:48 PM

"Bill Clinton, whatever you want to say about how he conducted himself, had a very important and elevated view of the Office of the Presidency."

So amazingly said Politico's Roger Simon on PBS's Inside Washington Friday (video follows with transcribed highlights).

Would you say the sexual activities Clinton participated in in the Oval Office demonstrated "a very important and elevated view" of said office?

Fortunately, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer was on the set to offer some much-needed sanity saying, "I’m not sure that’s exactly how he conducted himself with that kind of perception of the Office of the Presidency which at the end he disgraced."

Indeed he did, and no matter how far liberal media members such as Simon want to go to gloss over this disgusting period in American history, there likely has been no Commander-in-Chief that has showed less regard for the Office of the Presidency than Bill Clinton.