Chris Matthews Gushes Shamelessly Over Bill Clinton: 'The Big Dog Has Gotten His Bone'

Is there anything more disgusting than watching a grown, heterosexual, married man gush and fawn over another grown, heterosexual married man for political reasons on national television?

Unfortunately, this happens all too often for MSNBC's Chris Matthew who on Monday's Hardball was once again proudly displaying the thrill up his leg, this time for former President Bill Clinton (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this: Bill Clinton, Bubba, the big dog, Elvis, how many names of endearment will he carry before this love affair comes to an end? It's gone on for 20 years now. An entire generation of the Democratic Party and many outside have clapped in admiration for this guy I have dared to dub “President of the World.”

For those that had the good fortune of missing it, Matthews actually bestowed this honor on Clinton in February 2011. It appears seventeen months later, the Cialis still hasn't worn off:

MATTHEWS: Well, today came word that the lord or at least the Democratic Party here on earth is not finished with the big dog. He's going to get a big chunk of primetime at the Democratic National Convention. A hot night in Charlotte all to himself. He, William Jefferson Clinton, will be the one to put the name Barack Obama into nomination for his second presidential term.

So as another big fellow used to say, "And away we go," and, oh yeah, "How sweet it is." From here on out, this could be Bill Clinton’s show. He helps the president get re-elected. He clamps down his position as head of the Democratic Party. He continues to clear the field for his candidate in 2016, the Secretary of State, the smasher of glass ceilings, Mrs. Clinton herself.

So the beat goes on, and the future rises before us. We will do what we have done for a quarter century: talk about the Clintons, think about the Clintons, guess about them, wonder at them. Bet against them at your peril. Count on things to go smoothly at your own risk, but know this: they will be among us living rent-free in our political souls.

Listen even now, somewhere high in Manhattan, above the park and above the trees you can hear the bark – loud, clear and happy. The big dog has gotten his bone.

There's an obvious off-color joke in that last sentence I'll withhold given the family nature of this website, but hope those of you seeing it are laughing along with me.

As for Matthews, there must be a special assistant on the set when he goes into shameless idolatry mode present just to mop up the drool at the segment's conclusion.

That a so-called "news network" tolerates this from one of its employees is more mind-boggling than the performance.

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