Leno Cheap-Shots Palin With Juvenile Stripper Joke

NBC's Jay Leno seems to be taking a misogynist page out of rival David Letterman's joke book.

On Tuesday, the Tonight Show host during his opening monologue cheap-shotted former Alaska governor Sarah Palin with a juvenile wisecrack involving a stripper look-alike in Tampa, Florida (video follows with transcript and commentary):

"Hey, I mentioned this last night, to prepare for the Republican convention, a strip club in Tampa, Florida, has hired a Sarah Palin look-alike to perform," teased Leno. "Finally, somebody the Republicans can get excited about. Yeah."

Not surprisingly, the crowd thought it was hysterical. But he wasn't finished.

"No, this stripper is so much like Sarah Palin she actually has written on her hand, 'Take off top, shake breasts, swing around pole.' She just kind of follows the directions, goes around."

Classy stuff from America's top comedian - kind of what I expect from HBO's Bill Maher.

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