Jimmy Kimmel: Romney ‘Looks Like Every Guy in Every Erectile Dysfunction Commercial’

As NewsBusters reported, Jimmy Kimmel at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner made totally disgraceful jokes about how large President Obama’s penis is.

Three days later on his own program, Kimmel took a different tack with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney saying, “He looks like every guy in every erectile dysfunction commercial” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

As you probably guessed, the gag was about Romney being a stiff. After setting it up, Kimmel played a clip of the Romneys on CBS This Morning earlier in the day.

"In politics this is what always happens," Ann Romney said. "There is a narrative, and sometimes you like to put someone in a box and keep him in that box."

After saying that she loves “the opportunity of letting people see a side of Mitt that often people have mischaracterized as stiff,” she gave her husband a hug.

When the clip ended, Kimmel commented, “Look at how stiff he is while she’s holding him. It’s like she’s almost trying to shake him out of it.”

“I think maybe the reason people think Mitt Romney’s stiff,” Kimmel continued, “is because he looks like every guy in every erectile dysfunction commercial.”

You really don’t have to be Federico Fellini to catch the obvious contrast of the president everyone loves having a huge penis in Saturday’s Kimmel jokes to the Republican candidate’s not working properly without Viagra!

But Kimmel wasn’t finished attacking Romney for as the gag ended, the CBS This Morning video was altered to show the former Massachusetts governor hitting his wife with a chicken to prove he’s really a wild and crazy guy.

Can you imagine any comedian doing the same joke with the Obamas?

Better get used to it, folks. Virtually every person on television with the exception of those on Fox News will be deriding the Romneys in any deranged way possible for the next six months to prevent him from defeating their messiah.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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