NYT Doesn't Sever Ties With OWS-Supporting Freelancer

After a video was published by Big Government Sunday evening showing a New York Times freelancer participating in an Occupy Wall Street strategy meeting, there was speculation concerning how the Gray Lady would respond.

A few hours ago, Politico published a statement from Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy:

This freelancer, Natasha Lennard, has not been involved in our coverage of Occupy Wall Street in recent days, and we have no plans to use her for future coverage. We have reviewed the past stories to which she contributed and have not found any reasons for concern over that reporting.

All our journalists, staff or freelance, are expected to adhere to our ethical rules and journalistic standards, and to avoid doing anything that could call into question the impartiality of their work for The Times.

Reading between the lines, this means the Times has left the door open for Lennard to write for them about other topics in the future.

It appears the Gray Lady doesn't have a problem with publishing the work of political activists and social agitators.

Oh. That's right. We're already knew that.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

(H/T Big Government)

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