WaPo Shocker: 'Obama’s Claim of Having Passed the “Biggest Middle-Class Tax Cut in History” Is Ridiculous'

Are messiahs allowed to fudge the truth?

Washington Post's Fact Checker caught the President in a four Pinocchios whopper shockingly writing Wednesday, "Obama’s claim of having passed the 'biggest middle-class tax cut in history' is ridiculous":

“We said working folks deserved a break, so within one month of me taking office, we signed into law the biggest middle-class tax cut in history, putting more money into your pockets.”

— President Obama, Sept. 5, 2011

Glenn Kessler examined this remark from a number of perspectives, and just couldn't reconcile it:

John F. Kennedy seems to win the prize for biggest tax cut, at least in the last half century. By the same measure, the income tax provisions of George W. Bush tax cuts are more than twice as large as Obama’s tax cut over the same three-year time span.

In the end, like so many of this President's claims, this comment was laughable even to the Post:

We went back and forth over whether this was a three or four Pinocchio violation, until we found evidence that Obama knew he was saying a whopper.  Here’s how he put it in his 2010 State of the Union speech: “We cut taxes for 95 percent of working families.”  That phrasing, at least, would not have been so misleading.

If only the Post and other so-called news outlets would have dissected every word said by this man while he was campaigning for the position he currently holds rather than gushing and fawning in his presence.

Maybe we'd have a far more competent person in the White House today rather than someone lying about his accomplishments at holiday celebrations.

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