Bad Jobs Numbers Reported Fourth By ABC World News

The Labor Department reported Friday that for the first time since 1945 - needless to say a long, long time ago - the economy produced exactly zero jobs in the month of August.

Despite the history, the tremendously disappointing numbers, and the President speaking before a joint session of Congress next week about this very issue, ABC's World News actually made this its fourth story - yes, I said fourth! - Friday evening (video follows with commentary):


Up first on one of the nation's most-watched nightly news programs was a two and a half minute discussion about gas prices heading into the Labor Day weekend.

After that came a minute on the President's helicopter being inconveniently rerouted forcing the Commander-in-Chief and his daughter to be driven to Camp David.

Imagine how that must have ruined their holiday weekend.

Then came an almost four minute report on tropical storm Lee.

Yes, I said four minutes on a tropical storm. You'd think these folks would have learned from over-hyping the previous tropical storm.

That clearly not being the case, roughly nine minutes into the program, with the President set to give a jobs address to a joint session of Congress next Thursday, "World News" finally got to what was clearly the most important story of the day.

More on Friday night’s spin: “ABC’s Jobs Solution: ‘Spend and Build,’ a ‘Stimulus Program as Big as the One That Was Launched in World War II’”

Would this have been the case if George W. Bush or any Republican was in the White House?

Doubtful, as bad economic news was typically front and center in what young folks in our nation commonly refer to as "the day."

Just as noteworthy, the placement of this story at kept it off the "World News" front page:

As you can see, there's nothing about the disappointing jobs report, but there is a link to "Gas Prices Down, Economy Recovering."

Somebody was really using his/her noggin with that one.

Not surprisingly, ABC News wasn't alone in thinking the jobs report wasn't the most important story Friday.

The "NBC Nightly News" led with tropical storm Lee, followed it up with more on the impact of tropical storm Irene, and then told the nation about August's horrible unemployment numbers.

These folks sure are fixated on tropical storms, aren't they?

Bucking the trend was the "CBS Evening News" which began Friday's program with what most likely is the greatest concern of most Americans.

When Dan Rather's former employer is besting its broadcast competition, you should be very concerned.

I know I am.

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