CNN Money Headline Above Picture of Gingrich, Palin and Rubio: 'Wingnut Debt Ceiling Demands'

UPDATE AT END OF POST: Headline changed to "Goofy."

The next time one of your liberal friends tells you there isn't any bias in the media, show him or her the following headline published Tuesday by CNN Money's senior writer Jeanne Sahadi.

"Wingnut Debt Ceiling Demands" was actually placed directly above a picture of Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, and Florida senator Marco Rubio:

For those unfamiliar with the word "wingnut," it is a highly-derogatory term created by the far-left to disparage conservatives. Wikipedia even considers it an epithet:

"Wingnut" (sometimes "wing-nut") is used in United States politics as a political epithet referring to a person who holds extreme political views. According to Merriam-Webster, it is analogous with the word "radical."[1] In American politics, the term is more often aimed at members of the political right than those of the political left.[2] The New York Times' David M. Herszenhorn has defined a "wing nut" as "a loud darling of cable television and talk radio whose remarks are outrageous but often serious enough not to be dismissed entirely."[3]

The term is generally considered disparaging.

Indeed it is. Yet CNN Money's senior writer felt it was appropriate in a headline just above three high-profile conservative political leaders.

Not only that, a teaser for her piece was displayed at CNN's Political Ticker blog.

Someone there must have realized how insulting her headline was and chose to make theirs "Debt Ceiling Demands: Realistic or Out There?" However, when you click FULL STORY you are directed to the aforementioned disgrace.

Nice job, Ms. Sahadi. You are a stellar example of impartial journalism in America today.

(Grateful hat-tips to @imau2fan and JammieWearingFool)

*****Update: CNN must have realized the absurdity and changed the headline:

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