Beck and O'Reilly Defend Breitbart, Wonder How Long MSNBC Can Stay In Business This Way

The outrage over Martin Bashir's absolutely pathetic interview with Andrew Breitbart Wednesday continues.

On Thursday's "O'Reilly Factor," the host and his guest Glenn Beck wondered how long MSNBC can stay in business with commentators behaving this way (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "At Your Beck and Call" segment tonight. Perhaps no one in the country has been more vilified in the left-wing media than our pal Glenn Beck but he is not alone. Yesterday on MSNBC conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart was subjected to this.


MARTIN BASHIR. MSNBC: This week Marilyn Davenport, Republican official in Orange County, sent an email to a number of colleagues featuring President Obama dressed in a family of apes.

ANDREW BREITBART: Are you asking me about this? What do I have to do with that?

BASHIR: I want to ask you what do you think of that?

BREITBART: It's deplorable. It's -- it's deplorable, it's reprehensible. And you are trying to -- you're trying to insinuate that I'm a racist here which is what MSNBC does to conservatives every single day. This entire context of this conversation is what the NAACP and what the Democratic Party has been doing to the Tea Party for the last year.


GLENN BECK, FOX NEWSHOST: This guy is so --

O'REILLY: Does Mr. Breitbart -- wait a minute, relax. So does Mr. Breitbart have a point? Here now, the aforementioned Glenn Beck.You couldn't wait.


BECK: No, I mean I just thought we were having a conversation. I forgot.

O'REILLY: Yes I know and it's outrageous.

BECK: Breitbart is absolutely fearless. Fearless, I mean, he's -- he's a little like you. Walks right into the lion's den and you are like what -- what are you doing here? What's going on?


O'REILLY: Yes but I don't know if that's a smart thing to do because you don't really convert many people over there. But, let's just deal with the -- you invite a guy on. Breitbart, you can talk about his Web site all day long. I mean he's got a long history of -- and then you bring in something that he has nothing to do with.

BECK: Nothing to do with it.

O'REILLY: Right.

BECK: And you're not even talking about -- I mean, look, that photo is reprehensible, everybody --


O'REILLY: Everybody knows.

BECK: Everybody knows it's reprehensible.

O'REILLY: So why would you even pose the question?

BECK: Right and -- and yet, why are you not talking about real things that are going on? If you want to bring real things that are going on --


O'REILLY: But that's my point.



O'REILLY: You know Breitbart -- but look, this goes to trying to humiliate conservatives. It's trying to attack them and brand them and Breitbart had it. He got teed off. Because -- what do I have to do with this? What are you throwing this at me for?

BECK: This is why -- this is why I think this whole thing is just not going to -- it's just not going to stand. You know, this -- this -- this - - like MSNBC, I mean, how long does that going -- how long does that stay in business like that?

O'REILLY: I don't know. I mean, the ratings are abysmal. I don't know how long they go.


BECK: There's -- there's nothing -- there's nothing there.

O'REILLY: Comcast is a good company.

BECK: Yes.

O'REILLY: I don't know how long they go.

Indeed, which is something NewsBusters touched on in its Wednesday piece about MSNBC's Ed Schultz continually lying to castigate conservatives.

There were some including this author who thought MSNBC made a statement in January when it finally terminated Keith Olbermann and that under the new ownership of Comcast it was going to start actually reporting the news rather than acting as a Democrat propaganda machine.

Sadly, in recent months, we've not only not seen that, we've witnessed a so-called news outlet become even more aggressive in its advocacy.

In the past several weeks, every possible Republican presidential candidate has been totally eviscerated by MSNBC commentators, especially Donald Trump in recent days who has taken up oftentimes half of the programs during this station's prime time schedule.

Scarier still is that we're more than eighteen months away from Election Day. What kind of nonsense is going to transpire on this so-called news network next year as we get into primary season and the actual presidential campaign?

More importantly, how much of this nonsense is Comcast going to put up with before it risks seeing disgusted Americans cancel their cable and internet subscriptions because of what is happening on MSNBC?

(H/T Mediaite)

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