Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin Brags About Lack of Knowledge, Doesn't Read Paper

October 17th, 2010 2:46 PM

Chris Matthews on Friday said Sarah Palin brags about her lack of knowledge and doesn't read the paper.

In a discussion about Tea Party candidates on the syndicated program bearing his name, Matthews echoed the typical liberal media elite nonsense about such people all being illiterate idiots (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Some of these people like Sarah Palin seem to brag about their lack of knowledge. They don't read the paper.

DAVID IGNATIUS, WASHINGTON POST: Yeah, we had a political party briefly in America called the Know-Nothings who kind of bragged about their separateness, and that spirit is alive now. I mean, I think that Sarah Palin is a likeable person. The fact that she's obviously an outsider has worked to her advantage up to a point.

Amazing. So because Palin didn't answer that idiotic question by Katie Couric two years ago, morons in the media believe she doesn't read.

Well, Mr. Matthews, Palin answered this question in John Ziegler's documentary "Media Malpractice":

SARAH PALIN: To me, the question was more along the lines of, “Do you read? What do you guys do up there? What is it that you read?” And, and perhaps I was just too flippant in my answer back to her, but of course I read newspapers. I read publications. I spend a lot of time of course reading our local papers and the highly-circulated publications here in Alaska because that’s my job to know the business of Alaska and our communities. But also USA Today, yes, and New York Times.

Somehow I doubt that will satisfy the high and mighty Mr. Matthews.