'60 Minutes' Preempted This Sunday for Global Warming Hysteria

Fortunately, most people will likely be watching the Giants-Packers game Sunday evening, and will therefore miss the one-sided hysteria.

However, for those that mysteriously don't switch channels after the Chargers-Patriots game, CBS will offer a special about global warming this Sunday instead of "60 Minutes."

How marvelous.

The CBS News website hysterically described this installment of "The Age of Warming":

Nowhere is the evidence of global warming as striking than near the earth's poles. CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley's report brings him to the top and the bottom of the world, where scientists point out the effects of the warming trend. He also speaks to NASA's top scientist studying climate, who says the Bush administration has restricted what he can say about global warming.

This teaser raises many important questions. For instance, will even one of the over 400 scientists that don't believe man is responsible for global warming be interviewed by Pelley? Or, will he exclusively talk to folks that are involved in advancing this yet unproven theory?

Will any of the scientific studies concerning historical ice levels in the Arctic and the Antarctic be sited, or just the satellite data for the past thirty years?

Assuming the top NASA scientist Pelley will be speaking to is the controversial head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies James Hansen, will he be asked about his connection to George Soros? Or that the GISS predicted an ice age back in 1971? Or that Hansen's organization made a huge error in calculating temperatures this decade that was uncovered by Climate Audit's Stephen McIntyre?

Speaking of McIntyre, might Pelley ask Hansen about Michael Mann's "Hockey Stick" model which forms the basis of most anthropogenic global warming theories, but has been totally discredited?

Or how about all those weather stations overseen by Hansen's organization that don't meet federal guidelines? Might Pelley bring this up on Sunday, and get the GISS director's view on the subject?

And when Pelley speaks to Hansen about the Bush administration supposedly restricting what he can say about global warming, will Pelley mention the RealClimate website and blog that Hansen is involved with? Or reference all of the articles that Hansen has written concerning this subject while he was supposedly being silenced by the White House?

Finally, will Pelley ask Hansen about his connection to Al Gore, and how the Nobel Laureate's film has been found by a British court to be filled with scientific errors?

Or, will this installment be exclusively filled with one-sided information on this controversial subject with not one shred of balance for the viewer?

Yes, sadly, these were all rhetorical questions.

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