Get Ready for NBC’s Weeklong Global Warming Propaganda Blitzkrieg

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on an NBC-owned station, the network is getting ready to bombard citizens with a weeklong manmade global warming propaganda blitzkrieg that's destined to make Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his Norwegian sycophants smile like a polar bear that's just bagged a juicy seal.

It appears the good folks at NBC didn't feel they lost enough money -- and good will! -- pushing this absurd issue down citizens' throats during July's failed "Live Earth" concerts.

Be that as it may, this campaign, cleverly called "Green is Universal" - I guess they couldn't think of anything better that rhymes with "Reading is Fundamental!" - is "part of the company's ‘Get On Board' effort to improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gases, raising awareness about green issues and accelerating change in the media and entertainment industry."

Hmmm. Take out that nonsense about GHGs and green issues, and that sounds like NewsBusters' goal!

As reported by Multichannel News (emphasis added to enhance comedic value):

Through programming, specials and consumer-focused events, NBC U from Nov. 4-10 will focus its resources and efforts toward educating viewers, Web and wireless users and employees on ecological issues and our impact on the environment.

How wonderful. For your further annoyment, take a look at what is planned:

Bravo's coverage across all screens -- TV, Internet and phone -- will include a special "Watch What Happens" broadband broadcast hosted by Andy Cohen featuring Bravo designers, stylists and chefs giving "green tips" on food, fashion, beauty, design and pop culture.

Sci Fi Channel's week will include a green episode of Flash Gordon, a Eurekaseason-one [sic] marathon with a "Technology and Science to the Rescue" theme and a movie night centering on our "Dangerously Changing Planet."

Sundance Channel's weekly eco-destination, "The Green," Nov. 6 will showcase Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Kids and the premiere of RadiantCity, Gary Burns' new film about suburban sprawl and 21st Century suburbanites.

Through a series of on-air and online character vignettes, USA Network will recognize everyday activists, including celebrities, who are making a difference to help save the environment.

CNBC's programming throughout the week will focus on ways in which "going green" can make both a global impact and be financially beneficial. The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch will explore the most cutting-edge and innovative "green" initiatives that businesses are implementing, as well as assessing the impact that going green makes on a business' bottom line.

On NBC, the Peacock's entire Thursday-night lineup -- The Office, My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, Heroes and Deal or No Deal -- will be eco-themed, while NBC News will take in-depth looks at the issues and some unique special broadcast events.

Kicking off the week with its Sunday Night Football matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, the gridiron contest will include Green Is Universal announcements and incorporate the theme through the telecast, as will the college-football game between Air Force and Notre Dame Nov. 10.

Now this is some high-powered brainwashing!

Of course, not to be left out of the propaganda blitzkrieg, the folks at the "Today" show have planned their own warm-mongering agenda as reported by the Chicago Tribune (h/t Marc Morano, emphasis again added for solely self-serving comedic intent):

So NBC's "Today" show has unveiled big plans for next month to jet its stars to the far reaches of the planet -- Matt Lauer in the Arctic, Al Roker at the Equator and Ann Curry in Antarctica -- for live broadcasts aimed at alerting us to the effects of global warming.

Isn't this delicious? The world is coming to an end supposedly because of greenhouse gases which emanate from the burning of fossil fuels. So, the good folks at NBC are going to burn an astounding amount of jet-fuel to save the planet.

I get it:

"There's no question there are some travel arrangements that will require private transportation, and we've talked about that in terms of minimizing our carbon footprint," [Matt] Lauer said Tuesday in a "Today" call with reporters. "It's impossible at this moment to say we can absolutely come up with a neutral carbon footprint, but it's also something we'll examine.
"It's a fair question. It's something that celebrities and activists [face]. ... When you travel like this, is it speaking out of both sides of your mouth?"

Yes it is, Matt, and easy for folks on my side of this debate to point it out. Thanks for placing the ball so nicely on the tee for me.

Back to you in the studio, Meredith.

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